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The Avengers #8

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From the far future comes Kang the Conqueror, destined to be one of the greatest and most persistent enemies the Avengers have ever known! The time-traveling tyrant is determined to name himself Kang the First, ruler of present-day Earth – and his incredible array of advanced technology will test Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Wasp and Giant-Man to their very limits! Can one of the earliest versions of the Avengers – along with their young allies, Rick Jones and the Teen Brigade – find a way to protect the present from this futuristic fiend? Or is Kang’s conquest inevitable? It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all!

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    Graham Crackers Comics

    You know what one of the best parts of new comic movies and tv shows being announced? It is almost a guarentee that there will be some best of comic or facsimile edition of the new hot character. Which is why I get to be transported to July 9th, 1964 to rewitness the first appearance of Kang, the Conquerer! Captain America was just thawed out 4 issues ago! Hulk is long gone but will return 9 issues later as a guest! Ant Man is gone and Giant Man is in! The Winsome Wasp is still saying things like “I’ll bet he’s not bad looking under that silly headgear he’s wearing!” With the deluxe creative team of Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Dick Ayers, and Sam Rosen, this is a perfect example of what we were enjoying in the good ole days! Except now we get to read it on better paper, with brighter colors! No matter what the modivation is, classics like these need to be brought out and refresh the public of what genius came before.

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    First Comics News

    Out of all the villains that were introduced during Marvel’s Silver Age era, Kang definitely stood out due to his intriguing backstory as well as the numerous identities that he’s assumed over the years; The action within these pages brought a dramatic flair to it that only Stan Lee can deliver due to his understanding of the main villain’s motives to where he can make them a credible force while never making them feel outrageous nor comical (Paste Pot Pete anyone?!); Kirby’s artwork, accompanied by Dick Ayer’s inking, made this story feel so lively to where you can just feel the intensity and the substantial moments in the pages and it’s no wonder why he’s one of the cornerstones of such rich and vivid storytelling. Yes, Kang’s history got more complicated throughout the years, but this issue introduced him as one of the best Avengers villains (Next to Ultron that is) to the point that he’s more well-known than Doctor Doom or Magneto. If it’s the original copy or even the facsimile itself, this is an issue worth seeking out.

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