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The Ambassadors #5 (of 6)

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Our most action-packed issue yet moves the story to Brazil, where a Catholic priest fighting drug lords is offered a spot on this international super-team—but he’s happy just doing God’s work in the Barrios.

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    Un Cómic Más

    Millar introduces a new character that is as funny as it is real, achieving an interesting and relatable lineup of characters, setting everything up for a shocking finale.

    Matteo achieves very dynamic art, where he achieves great racing sequences while presenting extreme violence.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Mark Millar tweeted that issue five introduced his favorite Ambassadors character and midway through it’s hard to argue with his assessment. Australia aka Bob Taylor is a 72-year-old with a failing body who wants a second chance at life. Choon-He isn’t sure Taylor’s political rhetoric best represents what she wants to accomplish with her superhero program until Bob drops a major bombshell.

    Millar clearly has a blast writing Bob as he provides the experienced, seen-it-all, done-it-all voice the team was lacking. And to add a little mystery to the story, Millar also introduces Jamie McPhail, an early prototype hero operating in secrecy to avoid being captured and killed.

    Matteo Buffagni provides the art this issue. The series has employed an intriguing model where a different artist handles every issue. Buffagni’s art is strong although it gets somewhat tricky keeping up with the different artists’ interpretation of the regular characters. Colorist Michele Assarasakorn uses some fantastic blends or oranges, reds and yellows to help showcase Buffagni’s art.

    Millar has set up a pretty intriguing conflict with Choon-He’s husband and his team of super powered individuals. This face-off is building up to something special and an fantastic way to wrap up this initial arc.

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    Joining Millar on this penultimate issue is artist Matteo Buffagni, who has recently worked with Millar on Prodigy: The Icarus Society. An artist who has a fine eye for economy when it comes to his art with a style I would describe as deceptively simple. It is not a still that is overworked with cross hatching and heavy lines, but employs just the right finesse to convey every detail needed. This crisp, clean style is suited to either the more talkative scenes or even the more gory, of which there is a rather messy one in this issue.

    Millar captures Bob Taylor’s confident, verging on arrogant, tone well while Buffagni capture’s it in his presentation of the character who is one part Paul Hogan and another part Hulk Hogan. An all round captivating comic and out this Wednesday 24th May from Image Comics.

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    Major Spoilers

    The best parts of The Ambassadors #5 are in the reveal of Big Bob’s character and some of his secrets, but it’s that same focus that makes this penultimate issue feel more like a second chapter, and the odd color choices affect my appreciation of a talented artist’s work. As for the next issue, I am becoming more and more concerned that it’s not going to resolve anything, leaving the whole miniseries feeling like an infuriating trailer for the inevitable Netflix show.

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