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The Ambassadors #3 (of 6)

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The world is in a frenzy. Everyone wants superpowers, but only six people will be selected as their country’s Ambassadors in this global competition. Meet the mother and son superhero team from Paris!

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    The latest issue of Mark Millar’s The Ambassadors transports us to Paris, France. Which is an exceptionally handy destination given this issue’s artist, the elusive Travis Charest, lives there. And it shows on each and every page with the meticulous details he pours into each crevice and crack of each building, road, and character he beautifully renders throughout this issue. Honestly, the American sized comic book format just isn’t a format fitting for this stunning artwork. It looks as though much of his cityscapes are based on photo references. But, given this is Travis Christ we’re talking about, it could simply be all down to his keen, on-the-ball artistic eye for detail and and his unlimited talent. As a result, the overall effect is breathtaking. Charest’s art style these days is far more in keeping with the European tradition and I can only imagine each page blown up and presented in the European preferred format of the bande dessinée. Maybe one day, Mr Millar? Maybe ‘ave a word in the right ear, ‘ey?

    Charest has always been an artist who produces highly realistic artwork, and with the additional flourishes which depict every minute detail, He brings Paris to life in a real, almost tangible way. And what I mean by that is his observations of a city captures all of its many facades; it is as much a contemporary and romanticised city as it is one that has aged, with much of the city’s roots in the past still on show for all to see. Warts and all, with lipstick and concealer expertly applied. Like an ageing, but still glamorous movie star. The art is most certainly the star of this issue, as Millar is more than aware, so I am sure he won’t mind this humble reviewer having focused so much of this review on what makes this issue stand out on the shelves this week.

    Add to that the colouring of Dave Stewart, who’s contribution to the spot-on depiction of Paris cannot go without mention, and you have a remarkable portrayal of a city that is simply near to perfection. The cream-coloured stone cladding of the historic buildings that litter Paris’ streets and boulevards, and subdued, realistic colours elsewhere, add to the tone of city as one that is magnificent but not garish. This ain’t New York, that’s for sure. It’s a destination grounded in reality, but contrasted by the red, white and blue of its new protector, Codename France, and her sidekick and son, Paris.


    This is a comic book you will certainly return to again and again to spend more time with the art. A masterclass in what comics are capable of achieving, even if on a smaller scale that I would love. If you buy any book this week for the art alone, make it this one. ‘Nuff said.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Mark Millar has continually provided some exciting and wickedly fun original concepts in the last few years. The Ambassadors is already shaping up to be one of the best offerings.

    The idea of a superhero lottery system is very clever and Millar’s format of each issue basically serving as the origin story for each ambassador along with a specific artist has been ingenious.


    Travis Charest provides the art this issue. It feels like it’s been way too long since he’s been on a title. Charest made an immediate mark when he arrived on the scene in the late 90s. The following years have been generous as his art looks even more refined and at higher level of his already impressive work.

    The characters look amazingly realistic, with precise details like hair texture, wrinkles and clothing resembling photographs more than drawings. Charest has been away from the spotlight too long and this issue was a great reintroduction to his massive talent. Dave Stewart’s color work was sensational and a fantastic pairing with Charest’s art style.


    Ambassadors is overflowing with potential. It’s got a great concept that’s being realized properly and the rotating artist approach has made each issue feel special. This is already becoming one of Image’s top titles and one that’s definitely worth catching up to enjoy the ride.

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    Un Cómic Más

    The Ambassadors continues to explore the social and cultural response to the supposed appearance of the first superheroes, with a real and direct approach.

    Travis Charest demonstrates why he is one of the industry’s foremost illustrators and dedicated to detail, each panel a masterpiece, it’s a mesmerizing visual experience. The European comic aesthetic that he achieves is brilliant since it mixes it with the American comic in a delicate and perfect synergy.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: I love the personal tone of this issue. The story and characters are relatable and engaging including their personal circumstances and struggles. I love that there is a great balance between an interesting interpersonal story and big superhero action. I enjoyed the characters a lot as well as their secrets. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

    The Art: I love the visual style of this issue. There is a fantastic sense of realness to the depictions of the characters and the environments are magnificent. The issue looks amazing from the characters to the action. I loved every page and panel.

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