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The Amazing Spider-Man #45

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

The Gang War is over, but New York City will bear the scars for a long time. While Peter was fighting the war, other parts of his life kept going on and the consequences will be felt here. Plus…what mystery is bubbling up at Ravencroft?

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Exciting installment that leaves everything ready for an exciting new story arc that promises drama, action and more risk in the life of Peter and his loved ones.

    Retaining the retro tone of 1990s Spider-man but refreshing it with more details and epic poses, it’s mesmerizing art. Carmen is undoubtedly one of the best artists of the moment with an ability to recreate brilliant dynamism.

  • 98

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Former villains remind Spider-Man that no one is above the law, Dr. Curtis Connors has something on his mind, and a new coalition threatens to give Peter Parker nightmares in Amazing Spider-Man #45.

  • 82

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Wells delivers an interesting and subdued story in this issue. There’s a little too much exposition, but I really enjoyed the resolution of the Aunt Anna storyline as well as the consistent tension between Peter and Norman. I also really enjoyed the tease of what is coming for Spider-Man through the words of one of his oldest foes.

    The Art: Carnero’s art is beautifully detailed and visually vibrant. A fantastic looking issue that showcases the characters brilliantly.

  • 80

    Following the months-long “Gang War” event, The Amazing Spider-Man #45 takes a moment to reacquaint readers with the series’ status quo and many lingering subplots that compose the soap opera of Peter Parker’s life. Despite a general lack of action, it’s easily as enjoyable as anything found in the past six issues of mayhem in Manhattan. Whether Peter is reconnecting with erstwhile mentor Norman Osborn or affirming his friendship with Mary Jane, these relationships are well realized on the page. Dialogue and physical interactions reveal shades of nuance based upon decades of shared stories, while also setting the stakes for what’s to come next. It’s clear each of these connections—even sympathy for recurring villains—is meaningful to Peter and filled with potential risks. That uncertainty is as meaningful as any big battle in Central Park and makes the cliffhanger reveal at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #45 all the more sinister.

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    There’s just something about a ready-for-battle Spider-Man cover that when it’s done right, nothing is more enticing for comics fans.

    We’ve seen the likes of Gabriele Dell’Otto and others create some absolutely gorgeous Spidey covers in the past, but this Spider-man #45 cover from John Romita Jr, Scott Hanna and Marcio Menyz is truly something else.

    The shadowing, the torn mask and suit and something JR has always mastered, the rain falling on our down but not out hero.

  • 70


    I kept waiting for the evil side of the Ravencroft Institute to be revealed, but from the surface of what we see here it seems like everything the institute is doing is on the up and up (but this is sure a lot of setup if something shady isn’t happening somewhere). We also get Peter clarifying his position with Norman Osborne (tying up a loose end from the previous arc) and the teases of both an Oscorp experiment sure to go wrong and the return of the Secret Six who have some plans for Spider-Man.

  • 65

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man delivers a post-Gang War cooldown issue to tie up loose ends, some of which started in ASM and some in other titles, to set the stage for the return of Green Goblin. The character interactions are nice, but the lack of meat on the plot and the lack of setup for Aunt Anna leave a bland aftertaste.

  • 60

    Caped Joel

  • 50

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    This is a hard one to grade. It is fine. Any problems I have with it is part of a larger concern and not of this issue’s making. It is a set up issue for future story lines involving Aunt Anna, Norman Osborn, the Living Brain, and the Sinister Six, so it does set those pieces up and to be honest, I am hopeful that these will be good stories. Then again, I was hopeful for Gang War too and that didn’t pan out for me. I think this is a good enough grade for it. It is fine (I had no FAILS for it), but not one I would care to read again.

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