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The Amazing Spider-Man #42

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The Beetle has stepped up in her father’s absence, and she’s become a very different Janice Lincoln. She’s smart, dangerous and ready to take the big chair. With Spider-Man and others distracted by Kingpin, she just might do it.

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    But Why Tho?

    The Amazing Spider-Man #42 is another great story for the villains. Despite the title, Spider-Man is in the backseat for the majority of this comic. His vast array of enemies are actually the ones that control the direction the crossover takes. They are moving rivals out of the way and knocking others out, inadvertently helping Spider-Man and his amazing friends. These villains are given the time to flourish and be explored, even amid all of the chaos. Romita’s art style also feels nostalgic, harking back to the first comics I ever read, which is perhaps why the storyline has been so enjoyable.

  • 92

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Gang War pauses, letting heroes and villains regroup before a final battle for Harlem. As revelations provide insights into the conflict’s origins, Amazing Spider-Man #42 asks what matters most: what you do or who you’re with.

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    The drive to emerge from a father’s shadow leads this chapter into a showdown for the ages. Wells takes readers into the battle with an emotionally driven tale. Romita and the creative team bring out the determination and unbreakable will for victory that will push the war into a dangerous direction.

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    First Comics News

  • 75

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man #42 delivers an action-less setup issue that clears out the lesser gangs to move into the Gang War semi-finals, culminating in a showdown in Central Park. The dialog-only issue is interesting enough, and the story is finally picking up steam, but the big battle ahead is led by two C-tier villains that nobody cares about, making it difficult to care about the outcome either way.

  • 60

    “Gang War” continues to stall out in Amazing Spider-Man #42 as events resolve themselves with little pressure in order to set the stage for the event’s final showdown (coming up next month). There’s plenty of value to be found in Romita’s return to depicting Kingpin and Typhoid Mary, including the issue’s best comedic beat, but much of the action is concluded with little fanfare. Readers wouldn’t be wrong to question why the past two issues spent so much focus on a confrontation that was essentially stalling for time – an issue called out by Spider-Man in this issue’s pages. Romita isn’t well served when depicting extended dialogue sequences either, especially when one of the two faces involved is the unchanging facade of Madame Masque. “Gang War” still possesses plenty of energy from the characters and style on the page, but the middle chapters have lost a lot of the early momentum. Readers can hope that with the end now in sight that things pick up in Amazing Spider-Man #43.

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    Derby Comics

    Is the Gang War event starting to go on too long? We’ve had a bumpy road over the past few issues in the event across the various titles and that trends seems to have also hit this week’s Amazing Spider-Man. We see what Wilson Fisk had planned for The Rose and Beetle, which was basically to just extract his son from the violence. Felt like a major copout after the cliffhanger from the previous issue. Spider-Man continues to serve as a minor character in his own series and this is the first issue where it felt like a detriment. I’m not invested enough in Beetle or Madame Masque enough to care about an issue where their face-to-face meeting is the main plot. We’ve still got a month and change worth of issues left in the Gang War event and we need some fresh angles to the storyline or these last few weeks are going to feel like a slog.

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    Caped Joel

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    Spider Man Crawlspace

    Like I said, this issue was Zells putting all of the players into the positions they need to be in for the big final battle to end the whole story. Which he did, so we’re ready for the next two issues. But you can do a place-setting issue and still have things happening that are interesting. This didn’t do that for me. And not to beat a dead horse, but I like Spidey to do something of importance in his book.

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