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The Amazing Spider-Man #38

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Can Spider-Man and Rek-Rap both survive the repulsive REPO?!


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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 94

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    As Rip-Rap’s relentless positivity wins new converts and the Gangs Of New York go to war, Re-Po and Madelaine remind us how results often oppose ethics in Amazing Spider-Man #38.

  • 90

    First Comics News

  • 85


    Amazing Spider-Man #38 wraps up a Limbo tale, a major highlight in Wells’ run. The super silly nature of it all works very well, with McGuinness’ art supplying plenty of weirdness and humor.

  • 85

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: A fun and entertaining story from Wells. The lighter tone is great and I love the suspense in the story as Peter looks for an escape as Re-Po gets closer to killing Randy. The gang war storyline is compelling and contains some interesting moments that I want to explore.

    The Art: McGuinness delivers some bright, engaging and visually entertaining art throughout the issue. The imagery is fun and filled with great details.

  • 80

    Rek-Rap’s adventures wrap up just in time for “Gang War” to begin and readers of Amazing Spider-Man have a lot to appreciate in this ludicrous, streamlined adventure through the halls of Limbo before excessive crossovers and a dour mood take hold. Peter and Rek-Rap’s escape from Limbo stages the finale and a bit of time dilation provides ample space for plenty of new gags. Whether it’s the groveling submission of Rek-Rap’s demonic nemeses after listening to the hero for far too long or a montage of absurd demonic threats, every new panel set in Limbo delivers big laughs. The answer as to who is wearing Re-Po’s mask proves more satisfying and appropriate in their horrific demise, reminding readers of the long-term delights found in sprawling runs like Amazing Spider-Man. The final few pages are dedicated to hooking readers for “Gang War” and that trope-laden section doesn’t add much to an otherwise delightful issue, but there’s no doubt that Rek-Rap has left his mark on Marvel Comics this year.

  • 75

    Derby Comics

    Spider-Man and Rek-Rap’s team-up adventure concludes here as the Gang War crossover event awaits us and this was another fun and exciting entry from Zeb Wells, even if it was more silly than serious. Rek-Rap Storytime Adventures were a fun plot tool used throughout this arc and I loved the Insidious Six’s desire to rid themselves of Rek-Rap’s stories even if it meant helping the good guys. Just a great bit of fun all around, including the interactins between Rek-Rap and Peter Parker as they made their escape by crawling through Re-Po’s insides. The Gang War backstories continue to feel completely out of place within these issues, but perhaps we’ll be looking back on them as helpful set up once we get into the main crux of the event itself.

  • 70


    For a calm before the storm story, this is a lot of fun, and actually feels consequential with what the creative team has been doing.

  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man #38 mercifully puts an end to Rek-Rap’s adventure against Re-Po. The story is silly (not in a positive way) and relegates Spider-Man to a sidekick in his comic. Meanwhile, the prelude scenes meant to generate hype for the forthcoming Gang War event are as energetic as a news report about the weather.

  • 50

    Spider Man Crawlspace

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