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The Amazing Spider-Man #31

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Peter Parker is the best man, and Tombstone is walking the bride down the aisle! That’s right – Janice Lincoln and Randy Robertson are tying the knot, and there’s NO WAY all the crime bosses in NYC aren’t seeing this as an opportunity to off Tombstone. This story sets up our big Spider-Event of Zeb and Johnny’s second year on ASM, and that’s just the HALF of it!

Also in this issue: bachelor/bachelorette parties, other ASM-story preludes, glimpses of some of the biggest unannounced Spider-projects and extra bonus awesomeness!

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86 pages
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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Shocking comic that does not hold back in revealing.

    Gleason and Romita offer two of their own arts that become an interesting, wide and beautiful artistic range.

  • 96

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Stories in Amazing Spider-Man #31 ask if love can conquer all barriers and tease upcoming Spidey titles, making this issue a must-read for all Spider-fans.

  • 90


    There’s a ton of value in Amazing Spider-Man #31, making it an easy pickup, even at a $9.99 price. The main story features Peter Parker’s inability to be a normal guy while featuring his excellent Spider-Man persona saving the day. Throw in nine backup stories that set up future stories and some delightful done-in-one shorts, and you have a package well worth every Spidey dollar you have.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    The overstuffed issue of ASM celebrates a wedding in honor of the title’s 925th issue as Randy Robertson and Janice Lincoln (aka The Beetle and Tombstone’s daughter) tie the knot with every crime boss in NYC are in attendance (Thanks to Tombstone); If anyone thinks this wedding will go off the rails, you would be right! What was really great about this issue is how the havoc within the wedding shows us a how strong ASM is after all of these years while setting up the next big arc in the title (Hammerhead, in particular, comes off as being a visible threat); The issue also features some great backup stories such as Peter Parker’s reunion with Kamala Khan (Yes, she died but quickly came back possibly because Kevin Feige gave the higher-ups at Marvel the stink eye since “The Marvels” is hitting theaters in November), a new beginning for Doctor Octopus, the mystery of Spider-Boy deepens and Spidey making friends with a goose while dealing with a fanboy who’s obsessed with being saved from any villain he comes across. The page count and price may draw the ire of fans (Really, Marvel- $9.99?!); With the hits and misses that this title endures, ASM will always be known as Marvel’s flagship title.

  • 80

    The Amazing Spider-Man #31 delivers a big wedding issue stuffed with back up stories to celebrate the series’ 925th issue. The wedding of Randy Robertson and Janice Lincoln—attended by every superpowered mob boss in New York City—goes exactly how readers might expect (i.e. not well), but not until after the bachelor and bachelorette parties showcase just how different their social circles are. Both parties make for funny and, occasionally sentimental reading with plenty of appropriate hijinks based upon the characters involved. The wedding itself returns The Amazing Spider-Man to the incredibly strong roots of this current volume as new gangland intrigues are exposed and the blending of civilian and metahuman characters result in a relatively more grounded story. That framing with both Aunt May and Hammerhead appearing on the same page reads like the best runs of Amazing Spider-Man, even if the wedding’s resolution ultimately seems a bit abrupt. There’s also a killer collection of back up stories from an excellent array of writers and artists. While a couple are tied to new series announcements, many are aimed at resolving character threads left to linger. While mileage may vary between different angles of the current Spider-Man line, the inclusion of cartoonists like Albert Monteys and Cale Atkinson guarantee some hits for any reader with a sense of humor. While extended page counts and increased cover prices may test some readers’ patience, Amazing Spider-Man #31 earns all of its space in a return to form for the current iteration of Amazing Spider-Man.

  • 75


    This issue was just too much. If the back-ups had a common thread, it would have been much stronger, and way more worthwhile. But the art looked great throughout.

  • 70

    Graham Crackers Comics

    Sigh! Another Legacy numbered issue! Why can’t we just make next issue #926? And yet another modern comic wedding that completely fails before it even starts. Our special wedding issue is definitely full of comic cliches and multiple plot points for future storylines. And multiple covers, oh boy, have you got the multiple covers. And then we fill the pages up with multiple short stories to fill up the page count for this deluxe edition. Been there, done that for decades. Now, in all fairness, Zeb Wells does keep the wedding and pre-wedding story interesting up until a point and there are some truly touching moments but all in all I expected more. And while ok, the only short filler story that really caught my attention was Albert Monteys’s Perry Thomas story. Another example of comic publishers falling back on the good old days to make a special issue. While spending the rest of the time worried about the “next big thing”.

  • 64

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: One of the more compelling side stories in Spider-Man has been the relationship between Randy Robertson and The Beetle. Wells crafts a story that has a couple of engaging moments but is completely predictable in its execution. I knew with every moment where this story was going and nothing about it was surprising. There are some interesting side stories after that tease some interesting things to come for the characters, but the Mary Jane story is one of the worst of the pack because it just continues to drag out a personal drama that was never going to be interesting.

    The Art: All of the artists deliver great imagery throughout the issue. I liked the contrast in visual styles a lot because they tapped into the emotion those moments were trying to convey.

  • 62

    Comic Watch

    The Amazing Spider-Man #31 has a lot going on, and as a set of stories don’t offer much interms of satisfying themes, but continues to make shortsighted promises that may turn into something great, but as the record shows, promises from this title will unlikely become anything worthwhile.

  • 60

    Comic Crusaders

    So what else do you get for your hard earned dollars? Well, this book acts as a catalogue for a whole range of Spider related books., which includes the set-up for the already advertised return of the Superior Spider-Man with some un-Bagely Bagely art; a deep character piece spoilt by the introduction of MJ as a superheroine; Spidey and Kamala hanging out destroying any real angst generated by her death whilst making a mockery of Fallen Friend, and a Spider-Woman asking a question that I have been asking for a while now, “where is her baby?” How you feel about these additions will depend on how much you like your spider-verse. I am of course going to pick up the Spider-Woman mini-series, all the while rueing Marvels decision to cancel her book in the first place.

    So there you have it; a book that like most of this run from issue 6 or so on. has promised so much and somehow failed to deliver anything of any real import.

  • 50

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man #31 delivers bachelor/bachelorette party shenanigans and a disrupted wedding for a comic that’s too expensive, has too many pointless backups, and barely manages to setup a new arc. Marvel is asking for too much and giving too little in return on this one.

  • 10

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    The main story was promising and pretty good up to the end. It was like someone just cut the comic off in mid story. If they had continued and we had some pay off from Hammerhead’s actions, then this may have been worth extra money. Can you imagine if we kept going and you had Peter trying to keep Aunt May safe while a full force gang war erupted around him? And Janice trying to protect Randy and Robbie, but also her dad? We could have had another ten to twelve pages of non-stop action and I would be saying, “I guess we did pay a fair price!” But as it is, we have a regular $4 B story (heck, I might even say B+ for the web slingshot) with a bunch of FCBD style snippets that we get the privilege of paying $6 for. I’m pretty angry about this.

    The issue as a whole as a result of factoring in the cost per story ratio.

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