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The Amazing Spider-Man #19

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Dark Web is over, but the effects will shake Spider-Man for a long time.

To recover, Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy, A.K.A. the Black Cat, escape from the city to an exclusive spa in the Catskills!

Surely, trouble won’t follow our Web-Head and ruin his romantic getaway…

Join superstar guest creative team Joe Kelly and Terry Dodson for this special two-parter where Spidey and Black Cat take their next step and no one tries to kill them… yet.

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21 pages
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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Honestly, the sudden turn towards a somewhat cliche murder-mystery with a large ensemble was kind of a surprise. The classic Agatha Christie sort of feel to the issue would be tedious were it not…y’know…Spider-Man and a whole bunch of classic Spidey villains as the ensemble in question. Dodson’s visual wit matches Kelly’s sense of humor almost perfectly beat-for-beat. The pair makes a really good team for a pleasant little excursion from the work that Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. have been rolling through lately.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    The guest creative team of Joe Kelly and Terry and Rachel Dodson come aboard to deliver what could be the quintessential Spider-Man/Black Cat as the two of them plan a weekend getaway in the Catskills where the two of them come across The White Rabbit (One of Marvel’s silliest villains) but thrown in an awkward meeting with Mary Jane and her husband and this is a really fun story as Kelly once again shows that he can write a Spider-Man story with ease but also showing fans that while his work on “Savage Spider-Man” was mirrored in darkness, he can still pull out all of the stops to inject some much-needed lighthearted elements to create something enjoyable. The Dodsons’ art is still dynamic yet brings enough flair to make Kelly’s script feel lively. The Spidey/Black Cat chemistry is very welcoming, especially after the events of “Dark Web” but I like how it captures the essence of both characters to full effect to where I feel like Kelly and The Dodsons should stay on ASM on a part-time basis because the amusement and intrigue make for a great time for ASM.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: A fun, light story with some great humor and tension throughout. The Spidey/Black Cat dynamic continues to be fun and unique and I like seeing Peter relax a little bit and embrace the experience. The villain element had a fun twist to it and I like seeing how the story progresses into a moment that brings it back down to Earth in an interesting fashion. I look forward to seeing what happens next for the characters.

    The Art: Dodson delivers magic on every page of the issue. There is a beautiful harmony to the art and a sense of movement that dances with the eye. I loved every panel and page.

  • 80

    In the wake of “Dark Web,” The Amazing Spider-Man sees a team of guest creators—writer Joe Kelly and artists Terry and Rachel Dodson—take the helm for a date night story featuring Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy. The series’ current run has excelled at placing guest creators, whether it’s finding alternate artists or casting a crossover event, and this continues an already impressive streak. Kelly captures the voice of Wells’ Spider-Man perfectly and builds upon a number of key threads, while making callbacks to much earlier issues. Everything about The Amazing Spider-Man #19 reads as essential to the series, as a result. The Dodsons are splendidly suited to the story at hand, as well. (…) Despite the challenges of managing such a high-pace schedule, Kelly and the Dodsons ensure that The Amazing Spider-Man’s streak of excellence won’t end anytime soon.

  • 80


    Amazing Spider-Man #19 is a fun side-quest post-Dark Web that has fun with Spidey while perfectly capturing the character’s spirit. This is a lighthearted start to a two-parter that’ll please longtime fans.

  • 80


    This is a fun fill-in story, which handles the characters really well and explores some fun angles of the current status quo. First of all, I really enjoy the pairing of Peter and Felicia. Mary Jane is great, but Felicia Hardy is just more fun and just a really different person on where she can take Peter. And that is on full display in this issue. Peter is almost scared to be with her, but she pushes him in positive directions, while still caring for him. So the two of them going on a weekend getaway together is already a premise that I am fully on board for. That it then also gets to be a superhero adventure is just icing on the cake. Kelly comes up with a nifty idea — renting super-villain gadgets to idiots with too much money — and runs with it in some fun directions. And Felicia’s influence on Peter helps to flesh it out even more, in that he’s not immediately just shutting it down.

  • 72

    Comic Watch

    A pretty issue to look at that doesn’t do much for me.

  • 70


    I miss the days of fill-ins like this. It’s fun (but not perfect), but also relevant to the main story. It’s good comics, and I’m excited to see it wrap up.

  • 50

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man #19 is a jokey, contrived, silly adventure from a guest creative team. If the unbelievable series of coincidences don’t trip you up, the snappy Whedon-esque dialog will. Combined with surprisingly inconsistent art and sub-par coloring, this is yet another “skip” in an already troubled run.

  • 10

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    This is not offensively bad, but majorly disappointingly bad. I actually was ready for Dark Web to be over and thought this date issue had great potential to be a fun dalliance from the bigger stories Wells is telling. This was an all around dud for me. The story has not intriguing and the jokes were flat.

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