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The Amazing Spider-Man #15

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Mixed or average ratings

Based on 7 critic ratings.

Spider-Man VS. Venom!

‘Nuff Said?

What is Chasm’s plan, and why is Venom helping him?

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25 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: The Dark Web storyline continues to be interesting and Wells does a great job of balancing the seriousness of the threat with the kind of humor you expect from a Spider-Man title. Dealing with the aftermath of more clone drama is a little daunting and this premise doesn’t seem strong enough to sustain itself for long, but so far things are interesting and entertaining enough to keep me interested in seeing what comes next. The Art: McGuiness is a master of visual storytelling and every page and panel is filled with energy and excitement. I love the visual style a lot and was impressed with the action.
  • 85


    Dark Web has two great tie-in issues out today, and Amazing Spider-Man #15 is one of them. Come for the zany demons and Venom, but stay for the incredible art and solid comedy.
  • 80

    The action possesses abundant energy as it pulls readers eyes across the page, and Venom is particularly fun to witness as the character thrills back to its mindless early days. The Amazing Spider-Man #15 promises a lot of fun ahead in the series' tie-ins and "Dark Web" as a complete event.
  • 80

    Comic Watch

    McGuinness and Rathburns art brings a bombastic energy to the issue that delivers on the fight between Spider-Man and Venom and the promise of weird demons attacking New York, but takes some missteps in character anatomy and physical details. The coloring from Menyz and lettering from Carmagna are the MVPs of the issue, working in new styles and techniques that level up the usual work seen on the title, matching the high energy of the story and art.
  • 70


    Spidey and Venom cross paths in a silly fun new issue. It looks great, and it’s fairly basic in its storytelling. Definitely worth checking out!
  • 60

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    It’s an average Spider-Man comic. Zeb Wells focuses on the key things that make Spider-Man, Spider-Man. He funny, he can fight his own battles, he wins the day. Of course there’s the great art by Ed McGuinness! Each page is a splash page you would want to use for you smart phone wallpaper, especially if you are a Spider-Man vs Venom fan. Unfortunately, the story arc itself brings the issue down.
  • 55

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man #15 is an odd tie-in to the Dark Web event with a showdown between Spidey and a regressed Venom. The action scenes are great, but the jokey tone of the book weakens any dramatic impact, and the plot doesn’t make a lick of sense.

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