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The Amazing Spider-Man #87

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

With NYC reeling from Doc Ock’s attack, Captain America and Black Cat need to know something…if Ben Reilly is really down, is Peter Parker able to step up and be Spider-Man again? You may think you know where this story is going, but you do not.

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 91

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Wells does a great job of telling two different and compelling stories in this issue. Peter’s story is great and I love the team up of Black Cat and Captain America and how they each approach getting him back into the swing of things. I also really enjoyed the slow, dark buildup of what is happening to Ben at the Beyond Corporation. Both stories are well written and engaging and I cannot wait to see where they lead.

    The Art: Gomez delivers some amazing art in this issue. The character designs are fantastic and the tone of the art is light and approachable which immediately helps engage the reader visually.

  • 91

    Comic Watch

    A very important, as well as entertaining, chapter in this story arc. This is one chapter that you’re not gonna want to miss.

  • 90


    I really enjoyed this issue. It’s a lot of things I like in modern superhero comics. It’s not just Peter Parker fighting some random monster he stumbles across. It’s Peter having some real, genuine moments with important people in his life, furthering the ongoing story in fun and inventive ways. Again, it’s comics like this that make me wish I’d kept reading Mackay’s Black Cat comics. I’ve always liked the character, and he writes her in a really fun way. It’s simply heart-warming to see this character go out of her way to help Peter get back on his feet, with some really neat insights into their relationship, their world of superheroes and just pretty much everything. And the art is absolutely gorgeous. I wish Gomez had been drawing Mackay’s Black Cat comics.

    I don’t necessarily think Captain America was the best choice for Felicia’s helper…but it works well enough. I really liked the opening scene, with Felicia and Steve just hanging out in a restaurant going over their plans. Does Cap need a new love interest? Does Felicia need a new love interest? Because this would be fun and neat! But yeah, Felicia and Cap helping Peter get back into fighting shape through a bunch of superhero trials is just plain fun comics and a great way to move Peter’s story forward. I loved it! And the rest of the issue worked well too. Not much happens to move Ben Reilly forward, but I like the contrast of Ben being all on his own with random Beyond doctors, while Peter has the likes of Felicia and Cap in his corner. And then Janine going to Mary Jane for help, of all people, is a very intriguing cliffhanger.

    A character-focused issue with some great guest stars, this was a really fun chapter as the Beyond story arc moves towards its inevitable ending.

  • 85

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Amazing Spider-Man #87 shifts back to Peter Parker as Black Cat and Captain America help him recover. Zeb Wells delivers not only a fun but positive story as we see Cap and Black Cat help Peter in this vulnerable state in ways only they can.Meanwhile the Beyond portions show that something’s up with Ben Reilly after the last issue, and sets things up for the next part in the Beyond storyline.

  • 80

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Amazing Spider-Man #87 once again turns its focus on Peter Parker as Captain America and Black Cat work to get him in web-slinging shape. This issue and Mary Jane/Black Cat: Beyond #1 serve as a great two-part story while also pushing the Beyond Saga forward. I hope this isn’t the last Spidey story MacKay pens, as he’s fast becoming one of my favorite comic writers.

  • 80

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

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    Comic Book Revolution

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