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The Amazing Spider-Man #84

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The events of ASM #80.BEY have set Doctor Octopus on a collision course with the Beyond Corporation and their Spider-Hero in residence. Ben Reilly isn’t the only one with new tricks up his sleeve, or, in Ock’s case, MANY sleeves.

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22 pages
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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 93

    Comic Watch

    I’m so sick and tired of telling you just how great this book is. BUY it!! READ it! Then read it again, because every issue in the Beyond Era is worth multiple reads.

  • 91

    Spider Man Crawlspace

  • 90


    The Beyond Corp era of Spider-Man continues to be a delightful juggling of Ben Reilly’s personal life, supervillain intrigue, and the continued reveal of what Beyond Corp is really up to. If you’ve been itching for more Doc Ock, The Amazing Spider-Man #84 delivers him as the main course and he’s written and drawn expertly well.

  • 85


    Otto Octavius makes a splashy return in one of the best issues of the Beyond era to date. The writing is sharp and the art nails Doc Ock, though Spidey is a bit stiff. All-in-all though, it’s a winner!

  • 85

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Amazing Spider-Man #84 delivers a solid comic book as Ben Reilly comes face-to-face with Doctor Octopus. The writer nails down the pacing, dialogue, and characterization of both main characters, while the art team make the comic book look good and dynamic from start to finish. On top of that, this comic actually moves the Beyond storyline forward a bit, and hopefully we get more in the next issue.

  • 82

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ben’s personal life continues to be interesting, but it still hasn’t found a level of compelling that makes me care as a reader. Janine’s exasperation would have more emotional weight if there were an issue that dealt with her life in the penthouse. The bigger story continues to be interesting and I like the part Octavius is playing in it. Hopefully, it will serve as a catalyst to moving the arc forward in a way that makes me care more about Ben’s place in it. The humor works really well and I hope to see more of that tone going forward.

    The Art: Medina delivers some beautiful visuals throughout the issue. There are some stunning character shots and the action looks fantastic.

  • 80


  • 80

    Comics Nexus by Inside Pulse

  • 70

    Comic Book Revolution

  • 60

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