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The Amazing Spider-Man #77

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Kelly Thompson and Sara Pichelli pick up the baton to define this new era for Spider-Man. The Beyond Corporation has retuned and this is your chance to meet the people who’ve brought you the new (and improved) Spider-Man. There’s a target on Spider-Man’s back and one of his classic villains is out for blood.

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Comic Watch

    I surprising change of pace issue that doesn’t slow down the action of the story much at all. I can’t stress how much this issue was needed to get the audience behind the main character, as I have a feeling there are people that are still resistant to the change.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Thompson does a great job of diving deeper into Ben’s life with the Beyond Corporation. The story has some fun elements, but the specter of what’s happening to Peter is still there and the tone of the story brilliantly reflects that. I like that there is still a lot of mystery with the Beyond Corporation as well and you can’t really tell what their true motives are. It adds some great tension to the story that I look forward to seeing explored.

    The Art: Pichelli delivers some impressive and beautifully dramatic art to this issue. The dark tone of the story and some of its story moments are perfectly captured with Pichelli’s style.

  • 86

    Multiversity Comics

    This is another very strong issue of “Amazing Spider-Man,” despite some artistic hiccups that distract from the otherwise excellent art, proving the Beyond Board can do the impossible and not only make Spider-Man feel exciting again, they can make Ben Reilly’s adventures as compelling as, if not more than, Peter’s.

    Post Script: I should also mention that this an historic issue in that it’s the first time “Amazing Spider-Man” has had a female writer & artist on the same issue and only the SECOND time a woman has written the flagship title – Ann Nocenti in 1987 did one issue as part of a Spidey title crossover- and, if I’m right, the first time a woman has drawn an issue of “Amazing Spider-Man.” And with the next issue, it will be the longest run for both, a fact that should be celebrated in the same breath as we acknowledge how sad it is that it took this long.

  • 85


    Amazing Spider-Man‘s new era has a lot going for it. Thompson and Pichelli get a lot done in this issue, touching on multiple relationships while also delivering some tense action to close the book out. The exciting, messy, exhausting, and complicated life of Spider-Man is on full display.

  • 80

    It’s not so much that The Amazing Spider-Man finds its rhythm in this issue as it is I’m finally hearing it. With the nearly-weekly schedule, the series is allowing subplots to linger in a mode that imitates the pacing of Bronze Age issues with modern storytelling techniques demanding more space. It’s a lot of fun to experience, especially given writer Kelly Thompson’s knack for characterization in dialogue. Whether it’s Ben Reilly sparring with Misty Knight and Colleen Wing or Aunt May and Mary Jane pondering Peter’s future, there’s careful attention being played to every player on the board. That makes the absence of action besides bookended sequences barely noticeable. The stakes have been established and readers are asked to keep their eyes on the simmer while ever more pots are added to the stovetop. Here that new problem goes by the name of Morbius – a mediocre member of Spidey’s rogues gallery elevated by artist Sara Pichelli’s fantastic work with shadows and character expressions. The Amazing Spider-Man may not feature behind the mask, but it has recaptured the magic that made this series a stalwart companion for superhero readers of all stripes.

  • 80


    Now that introductions have been made, this issue gets down to business of telling stories about Ben Reilly as Spider-Man, and it’s really good. Ben feels like his own unique person, and his world is both familiar and different. Thompson does a great job using multiple conversations to really get into Ben’s head, while keeping the issue flowing. It’s a lot of talking, but the characters and settings keep changing, as do the topics, so everything stays lively while still giving us plenty of insight into Ben’s character. And that’s what I want to see. I want to really get on board with this new era of Spider-Man comics, and this issue goes a long way to making that an enjoyable experience. Then we end with some classic shenanigans with a classic villain, which is also good in my book.

    Also, as stated above, Pichelli’s artwork is to die for. She’s a great Spider-Man artist and it’s refreshing to see her on a book that is actually good and actually matters. Her characters are dynamic, her action is cool and she does a great job with pretty much everything. I really like how Ben looks, both as a civilian and as Spider-Man.

    A new Ben Reilly-era of Amazing Spider-Man is here and this issue does a phenomenal job of helping the reader get to know and like the new main character, while filling his world with interesting tidbits of characters and subplots.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Amazing Spider-Man #77 takes a bit of a breather in the Beyond Saga, delving deeper into the Beyond Corporation and presenting new challenges for Ben Reilly to face. Unfortunately, though he’s trying to be a better Spider-Man, Ben may have inherited the infamous “Parker Luck,” and the cliffhanger at the end only reinforces that.

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    In the strictest sense, Amazing Spider-Man #77 is Ben’s re-debut as the top Spider-Man (though the issue keeps calling him the “sole” Spidey, there’s still a Mister Morales to consider) and the new art team really sells this as an all-new era, with a strong story and great emotional beats throughout. After the incredibly frustrating Sinister War, this feels like an exciting shot of the new for Amazing Spider-Man. The countdown to the reveal that the Beyond Corporation is actually evil starts…. NOW!

  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

  • 70


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