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The Amazing Spider-Man #9

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It’s the biggest spider-event ever! When a force of evil threatens spider-characters throughout the multiverse, EVERY SPIDER-MAN EVER is needed to save the day!

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13 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Crusaders

    ASM 9 really is the a great opening shot for this series the main story is awesome and kicks things off in real style and has the potential to become another instant classic like Spider-Island, the backup story also provides some much needed information about the villains of the piece are and just what their motivations are and why they are hunting the spiders that niggles about placement aside make this an awesome book to behold that any fan of the Spider-Man franchise will be happy with.

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    Comic Spectrum

    Dan Slott loves Spider-Man it is taking all of his Spider-Geek knowledge to hold down this much story. I highly recommend Amazing Spider-Man #9 is the perfect jumping on point for anyone that is at all curious about Spider-Verse and may have missed the Edge of Spider-Verse issues, or any other tie-in issues because this issue has everything you need to catch up. It provides the drama and the suspense to feel invested in the a story where Spider-Man after Spider-Man is murdered, this is the first, of hopefully many, big pay off issues in the Spider-Verse storyline. All the hints and teases start to take form in this story, which is basically a Spider-Man version of a “getting the team together” story. So, check this issue out and get ready for some big adventure with high end art.

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    Weekly Comic Book Review

    The slow burn of the Spider-Verse sub-plot finally blooms into full-plot here, and it’s handled superbly. There’s less action than I’d like, especially for an over-sized issue, but the key feature here is not plot but characters– and nearly all of our starring characters are allowed some change to interact, if not to have the spotlight. Beautiful art, engaging characters, high-stakes plot, definitive tone, and even overarching themes? This is an example of events done right.Other Tidbits: — I just noticed that Silk’s webshooters go SWIPP instead of Parker’s THWIP — In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m quite proud of my Marvel trivia knowledge, but even I find my head swimming when trying to place the various iterations of Spider-Man shown during this storyline, or other trivial tidbits like “Peter Parker’s Pad.” I’m assuming that all or nearly all of what we see has appeared before, but it would require a greater mind than even mine to annotate this series.

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    Amazing Spider-Man #9 really does feel like the beginning of something special that will celebrate the character of Spider-Man in the biggest, most explosive way possible. When you start thinking about the implications that the dimension hopping story may have on the greater Marvel Universe with Secret Wars coming up, and the scale Slott and company are aiming for becomes even more mind boggling. You can tell that this story is a labor of love from a group of creators that truly love Peter Parker, and Spider-Man in all of his (and her) variations. Believe the hype, Spider-Verse is going to be one wild ride.

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    Stash My Comics

    Amazing Spider-Man #9 picks up the story as our Peter Parker is drawn into the conflict. The alternate reality Spiders have been jumping dimensions in an attempt to save their brethren, and now they’ve come for Parker, Silk, Jessica Drew, and Spider-Girl. While Parker finds out his importance in the Spider-Verse, the Ultimate Universe’s Spider-Man is ushered onto the stage as the next target of the hunt.

    It’s no surprise Slott does an excellent job of kicking off the event. He’s mastered Spider-Man. The issue is equal parts fun and action—just what a Spider-Man book should be. Olivier Coipel and Justin Ponsor’s art and colors add to the tone, alternating between whimsy and darkness. Their combined efforts make for an intriguing first chapter of the “Spider-Verse” saga, an event that could be the next defining moment in a comic run that is among the all-time very best in comics history.

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    After weeks of memorable build-up, Spider-Verse hits the ground running. This event loses none of the appeal of Slott’s ongoing Spider-Man work, managing to balance humor and drama and make the most of a concept that brings all the Spider-Men together for one grand adventure. And with Coipel making Peter Parker and his world look better than ever, there’s a lot to love in Marvel’s latest event storyline.

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    Nerds On The Rocks

    Solid story paired with AMAZING artwork, though the pacing does feel a little inconsistent at times. Definitely looking forward to see where this little event is goes.

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    Amazing Spider-Man #9 is a slow start to a still promising event. Slott has shown before that he has a great grasp of how to make overstuffed superhero stories function, and Coipel and Camuncoli are more than ready to put their best work on display. Assuming the series only gains momentum from here, there is a lot to look forward to in “Spider-Verse”.

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    Major Spoilers

    The entire premise of this story is one that has a massive meta tongue-in-cheek moment: Look how many alternate Spider-Man stories we’ve done! Clearly the death toll is not final, and I’m afraid that some of my favorites (Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen, and even Ultimate Jessica Drew) might buy the farm in this crossover, enough so that I might have to keep reading the entire thing. Amazing Spider-Man #9 finally brings all the players together and kicks off Spider-Verse in style with a well-drawn, engaging issue featuring characters I never thought we’d see again, much less care about, earning a surprised and pleased 4 out of 5 stars overall. If we don’t see 60s cartoon Spidey and/or Leopardon by the time it’s all done, I’ll eat my hat…

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    Comic Vine

    Spider-Verse is here! Dan Slott has already shown that this is not going to be a walk in the park for Spider-Man or the other versions. Dan Slott is cooking up quite the story and Olivier Coipel’s art is amazing in the extended first part of the issue. We also get a back-up with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. That gives a total of thirty-four pages for just a dollar more than the regular price. If you’re a Spider-Man fan, you owe it to yourself to check out what all the excitement is about. Even if you don’t like Spider-Man that much, chances are you’ll find a version within that you do. Spider-Verse is definitely going to shake things up for Spider-Man’s world.

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    Forces Of Geek

    The overall strength in this issue lies in the fact that it is a crossover event with a purpose that has real stakes involved for the protagonists. The ending makes for a fascinating turn which should bring about some craziness in the weeks and months ahead.

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    Comic Book Herald

    Slott has been building to this for months, and frankly, the book does not disappoint. It’s very easy to get tired of big events like this now, but there’s something intriguing about Spider-Verse. We all know that “the real Peter Parker” is most likely going to make it out of this crisis intact. But what Slott is doing here is not just threatening the status quo of Spider-Man or the Marvel Universe or even the Multiverse, he is threatening every version of Spider-Man from every medium. There is the very real possibility that the Peter Parker from the 60s cartoon show could be killed, for example, and it would at least feel like it counted. It’s a masterful illusion that Slott is weaving; it’s not like the episodes of the show would suddenly go away, but it will still affect the overarching meta-fiction of Spider-Man.

    If you’re a fan of Spider-Man at all, you should read this comic. This whole thing could turn sour at any moment, but, at least for one issue, I’m certainly entertained.

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    The Kliq Nation

    Amazing Spider-Man #9 kicks of Spider-Verse by assembling our heroes and villains. The ending even takes us to one of the most popular Spiders to be introduced in recent memory. We have to assume there will be more twists and turns to come as the story progresses. And not every Spider will make it out of Spider-Verse alive.

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