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The Amazing Spider-Man #7

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

Peer over the EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE! Spidey teams up with Ms. Marvel in a high-flying (stepping in Kamala’s case) adventure! Who is Spider-UK and what does he have to do with SPIDER-VERSE?

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22 pages
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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    Pop Culture Uncovered

    Gorgeous looking, appropriately paced, fun team-up between Marvel’s mascot and it’s latest sweetheart. I am definitely excited for next issue.

  • 86

    Nerds On The Rocks

    Both stories are fun and the artwork is great. I wouldn’t miss this issue if you’re looking forward to Spider-Verse.

  • 85


    The strengths of Amazing Spider-Man #7are also its biggest faults, as both stories are thoroughly entertaining, but one can’t help but wish there was more of each. The way the creative team was able to tell the first meeting of Peter and Kamala while keeping the Spider-Verse momentum going was impressive. Even more impressive is that they were able to do so with the biggest complaint being that there should have been more of these stories. With that said, there will be more of Ms. Marvel in the next issue, and Spider-UK seems poised to play a big role in the coming months, so there’s not much to complain about.

  • 80

    Comic Vine

    Its refreshing, after a large build-up and delivery of new supervillain(s) to get a nice, quick story with a relatively small cast and an extremely welcome teamup from Ms. Marvel. The two characters work amazingly (pun intended) well together, and I honestly hope this isnt the last we see of her and Spideys adventures. What Im also hoping for is more followup on what Ana-Maria was saying to Peter as I think itd be a great, subtle development to his character. We dont need a total system overhaul (though SUPERIOR SPIDEY was fun while it lasted), but a small change here and there would go a long way. Oh and the acknowledgement of Spidey and Carol Danvers’ odd, abbreviated romance was another thing I truly appreciated.

  • 80

    Weekly Comic Book Review

    The Bottom Line: Although the main story feels like a departure from the regular events of the series, that’s actually a bit of a breath of fresh air. The ongoing story arc is left to a new Spidery-character, but it relies more on the tone and shock value than genuine character-building. At least we learn a little bit more about these events to carry us on into future issues.Other Tidbits: — As someone whose life was pretty much shaped by episodes of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, I was genuinely sad to see the panel of their fate. I do appreciate the referential humor that such a world has no word for “death” or “killing,” since, yeah, those words are quite literally banned from children’s programming such as that.

  • 80


    All in all, this is an eventful and entertaining issue, but the Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel team-up might have benefited from being published on its own in a completed form.

  • 70


    Slott pushes all of the interesting developments in Peter’s life to the side ” Cindy Moon, Anna Maria & Parker Industries ” so that they can focus on an all-together boring story involving some old Ms. Marvel villain and one of those Inhuman eggs. Considering Spider-Verse is right around the corner, I wish Marvel had given Slott time to wrap up or at least explore some of his own plots instead of this Ms. Marvel team-up.

  • 70

    Amazing Spider-Man #7 is a fun double feature. Both the A and the B-story should delight plenty of fans (although the B-story may horrify even more). This is a Spider-Man story at it’s least serious in direct juxtaposition to what seems to be the very dark tone of Spider-Verse. For now there’s plenty of space for quips, smackdowns, and team ups though and Gage knows how to write a fun-loving webslinger with the best of them.

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