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The Amazing Spider-Man #363

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Spider-Man/Venom team-up! Yes, you’ve read correctly- Spidey and Venom have a temporary team-up to save J. Jonah Jameson from Carnage. But once Carnage is neutralized, will Venom continue his terrorizing ways?

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    The story wraps up in this issue, and the third part wasn’t as good as the first two. For one thing, there was the clichéd instant clue as to where Carnage would be taking Jonah when Spidey and Venom stopped during their chase, not to mention its set-up a page before. Then there was Spidey’s ambush. Just when in the hell did he have the time to formulate the plan with Reed and Johnny? He didn’t have much alone-time with Torch after recruiting Venom.

    Otherwise, it was a good debut for Carnage and an enjoyable read. We got to see his suit was capable of a lot more than Venom’s making him twice as deadly and setting him up for good future stories…if the right writers get their hands on him. Plus, the beginning of a new story perfectly set up by the end of this one. Long-time fans know who these two are, but for newer ones, I’ll let you either get the issue yourself or read about it on this site.

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