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The Amazing Spider-Man #362

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Needing all the help he can get to take out Carnage, Spider-Man recruits good friend Johnny Storm. But will Venom be a willing ally too? Spidey and the Human Torch go the deserted island where Venom lies in wait. Will Eddie Brock be the key to eliminating Carnage?

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    A good follow-up to the first part with some nice brutal fighting thrown in. The dialogue was a little off in some places, such as Venom speaking in the first person and Spidey thinking “It’s weird seeing the two of them together” when they confront Carnage, but otherwise a good story. If anything, the fight should have been a little longer and a lot more brutal. Here you have three high strength class characters and a brief 3 page fight. There was definitely an occasion for some major property damage.

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