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The Amazing Spider-Man #347

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Spider-Man’s on an island getaway…courtesy of Venom! Spidey will have to use all his cunning to defeat Brock once and for all. But will Venom fall for the ploy?

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    There really isn’t anything I can write about this issue without restating what I’ve previously written for the previous issue – namely; fantastic art, hardly anything to side-track form the main focus, a forward thinking and monstrously designed Venom, realistic peril for the webbed-wonder…the list goes on. The only thing this issue has the other (and to this point, few others) issues didn’t was a sense of closure. Spider-Man is finally free of Venom, and there is no need (but we know they will – they always do) to ever have him return. The perfect send off, and it makes logical sense – if you don’t want to kill your enemies and imprisonment doesn’t work, then faking you death and having them being in a convenient place to ever know better is the soundest option.

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