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The Amazing Spider-Man #316

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Venom may be hunting down a Spider, but he found Black Cat instead! What happens when Eddie Brock discovers Peter Parker’s address?

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    The build toward the final confrontation with Spider-Man is handled very well. The overall pacing is excellent. The fight – if you can actually call it that – with Felicia (Black Cat) is brutal. He slams her – nose first – into a wall and demands she tell him where Spider-Man is “while she still has a face”. That’s pretty hardcore. However it does establish the character as a violent, sadistic individual that is a real threat for Spider-Man.

    The sub-plots involving Jonah and Glory’s boyfriend involve some additional reading in the spin-off books to get the full effect. The Jonah sub-plot involves the Chameleon taking his place (Web Of Spider-Man). Glory’s boyfriend is Eduardo Lobo (never mentioned by name for some reason). He and his brother Carlos are involved in a war with the Kingpin for a contract he put on them (Spectacular Spider-Man).

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