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The Amazing Spider-Man #300

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The return of Eddie Brock! And red-and-blue Spider-Man! Is Venom still holding an irrational grunge against the wall-crawler? This is a symbiote smack down you won’t want to miss!

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41 pages
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    Great. A really great double sized, anniversary issue from the Spidey team! David Michelinie creates a scary Venom at the beginning then when the fighting starts makes him seem a very forbidable foe for Spidey! This is Venom before his ‘over-used’ years when all he knew how to say was “I’ll eat your brains”. And Spidey used his brain when he couldn’t use his brawn to defeat Venom. My ONLY problem with this issue is that I don’t like reading pages of origin stories. It stops the flow of the story and they’re boring! So I’m taking away half a web for that…but everything else is great.

    Speaking of great, before I read this issue I had only seen Todd McFarlane art in his own Spider-Man title. I wasn’t that impressed. But here he seems to be much better. I don’t know why but he was just so much better! He done a great job of pencilling and inking this issue!

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