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That Texas Blood #19

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“The Snow Falls Endlessly In Wonderland,” storyline ends here!

Suffering grievous wounds, Lu tries desperately to escape the relentless onslaught of the RQK as night falls on snow-shrouded Ambrose County.

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    The most suspenseful comic in recent times wraps up its terrific third story arc in grand fashion. The creative team is in top form and the results are a treat for the reader. You have a pretty good idea how the story is going, but getting there is the fun part.
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    Comic Watch

    That Texas Blood #19 brings to a close the series's strongest arc yet, utilizing the environment and atmosphere of winter in Texas to elevate a slasher story into a tale of existential terror. Condons scripting brings a thematic relevance to the slasher framework, using it to echo the other horrors that have plagued Ambrose County in the previous stories. That framework is enhanced thanks to Phillipss tense panel composition, striking contrasting colors, and concise lettering. Theres no doubt this story will be one for the ages, chilling audiences while opening their eyes to a select vein of terror that presents in the physical, but lurks in the abstract. Now that the arc has come to a close, it's the perfect time to collect this arc and share it far and wide, as it bridges the time between Halloween and Christmas for crime and horror fans alike. Fans of either genre will love this arc, and it's a perfect contained story to convince non-comic fans to give this series and medium a chance.
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    POP: Culture and Comics

    Overall, this has been the best arc so far and I’m disappointed to see it end but excited to see what the team deliver next. I cannot recommend this book enough and this arc especially has been exceptional. With how well this was concluded I can't give any less than 5 out of 5 POPs! This series reaches new heights and I cannot wait for it to return for the next arc.
  • 90

    The latest arc of That Texas Bloods ends only as one can with this title: with a massive, punch-ya-in-the-mouth BANG! Condon and Phillips aren't ones to pull any punches and That Texas Blood #19 is no different as the duo sends its character through the wringer as they (hopefully) make it to the Promised Land. It's a slow-burn set in the moodiest damn blizzard you'll ever see, yet the tension'll have you thinking you're on the verge of a heart attack. You get the best of both worlds in That Texas Blood #19.

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