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That Texas Blood #18

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“The Snow Falls Endlessly In Wonderland,” Part Five

As Joe Bob and Wilson desperately search for the RQK the killer makes his next deadly move.

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    That Texas Blood #18 finds itself in a classic Catch-22 scenario: the story that is told is so thrilling, reading pushes forth at a brisk pace as a tension-filled tale unfolds. Because of that, Phillips' best work of the series races by all too fast. Luckily That Texas Blood is a comic book you can read through over and over again to scan one panel after another to take in the beauty that is this genre-crossing spectacle. This latest story arc comes to a head this month and boy howdy, it's a pulse-pounding doozy.
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    That Texas Blood #18 is a comic that understands the idea of setting, using both the larger Ambrose County, in particular Lus home in this issue, to showcase how violence and murder violate a community. Theres a crossing of implicit thresholds that leads to a dark outcome, and once it occurs in the interior, it can find its way into the open. Between Condons detail-rich dialogue and scripting, working in tandem with Phillipss gorgeous linework and striking colors, both creators understand how to use specifics to enrich the story. A throwaway line like chicken fried steaks for dinner does a lot to make this world feel real and heightens the emotion and horror to a new level. As this arc comes to a close, let this review be a periodic reminder that if you arent reading this book, then stop everything and pick it up now. It makes for a perfect fall read, as the season changes and horror sits on the mind.
  • 95


    Like the killer in this story, you can cut the tension in this issue with a knife. A nice shiny knife that reflects the killers smiley face mask in it. This series continues to deliver an edge-of-your-seat story with compelling visuals.
  • 80

    POP: Culture and Comics

    Overall, another truly masterful issue by the team and I’m both excited for the next issue and also concerned as I really want to know what happens in the arc finale but I also don’t want this to end as it’s been so good.

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