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That Texas Blood #17

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“The Snow Falls Endlessly In Wonderland,” Part Four

Sheriff Joe Bob recounts the 1988 murder of his predecessor as the RQK invades the home of his next victim.

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    Chock full of relatable characters just trying to live their lives under difficult circumstance, this series has become a must-read for anyone interested in great storytelling. The creative team understands the power of imagery and wisely chooses silence at the appropriate times to creep out its readers.
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    Comic Watch

    The books last page reveal will shake you to your core, letting the imaginary horrors waiting to befall people in pain take root while waiting for the next issue. Writers, artists, and colorists should pick this issue up to see just how powerful the various aspects of the craft can be to enrich an atmosphere. That isnt to say everyone else should skip this book. Anyone who just wants to be chilled to their core will love this issue and the series at large.
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    POP: Culture and Comics

    Overall, this is a beautiful issue that creates more intrigue around the current case, but also allows Joe Bob to vent, which feels more like a confession as he wishes he would have done more in the events that lead up to Sam's death. The silent pages just add to the depth of emotions, with the art doing the heavy lifting. Yet it never feels like a stretch to draw out the emotions of the characters. This demonstrates the abilities of the creative team, and this issue is a shining example of what a great book looks like: 5 POPs out of 5!
  • 80

    That Texas Blood is now two-and-a-half arcs in and still, Condon and Phillips managed to flesh out their characters more than ever before. That Texas Blood is a slow-burn, there's no denying that. So slow, in fact, one might wonder if anything even gets accomplished. Luckily, for all the readers still holding on, we get an excellent character study of both our primary protagonist and a glimpse into the mind of the serial killer they're working on taking down. It's exceptional character work all around, even though the story goes nowhere.

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