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Thanos: Death Notes #1

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Spinning out of Donny Cates & Nic Klein’s THOR comes an all-new Thanos one-shot featuring art by Andrea Di Vito and Travel Foreman, as well as Ron Lim’s return to the Mad Titan! Thanos is missing, presumed dead. But Thor has seen a vision of his return. And it is enough to make even a God fear. To prepare himself, to prepare the universe, Thor desperately searches for answers in Thanos’ past…and finds a glimpse of the Marvel Universe’s dark future.

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Un Cómic Más

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    Fortress of Solitude

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    A Thanos anthology seemed out of the left field since the character has been absent for some time, but the creative team nails every story in Thanos: Death Notes #1. Not only does it remind us of the complexities of this character, but reveals he truly is one of the most formidable foes ever to be created in fiction.

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    Thanos: Death Notes is a one-shot tied into Donny Cates’ ongoing Thor run as “The God of Thunder” attempts to learn more about “The Mad Titan” after seeing a vision of his own death at the hands of Thanos dual wielding two new weapons. What follows is a trio of short stories that reflect on the different aspects of Thanos. (…) You don’t necessarily need to be following the latest ongoings with Thor to appreciate this comic as it’s a must-read for any Thanos fans out there.

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    But Why Tho?

    Thanos: Death Notes #1 paints a compelling chronicle of the Mad Titan’s history, and sets the stage for his future exploits. But it also proves that Thanos has more than earned his place as one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest villains. To quote the classic Infinity Gauntlet storyline: “Thanos is inevitable.”

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    Marvel Heroes Library

    The framing story just sets up the Thanos story arc in THOR (2020 series) #29- so the space is filled in with three short stories from Thanos’ career, one menacing, one melancholy and one comedic. Issue is rather diverting but will not likely have any lasting impact as it’s just a tie-in. And likely an unnecessary one.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Thanos: Death Notes #1 is more or less an anthology series that has three stories about the Mad Titan. Each story tries to cover and explore a certain aspect of the cosmic super-villain with some pulling it off better than others. However, this comic is just a tie-in to the core Thor series and barely adds much beyond identifying who the next major villain will be and what the story will focus on, which takes away a little focus from Thanos.

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