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Thanos #3 (of 4)

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Thanos unlocks Roberta’s true memories as the goddess Death – and she is not happy about it! Nor are the Illuminati, who are the ones who had given her this new human identity – but first, they must deal with getting the entire city of Fresno safely back to Earth!

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    I want to like this series, but there have been some very confusing choices made through these three issues. The art is very lackluster, save for a scene from the past when we get to see the Illuminati together making a deal that set up the entire series. The choice of writing style for Thanos is confusing, because he sounds more like an eloquent madman than the feared Mad Titan he should be. Listening to him beg for Death to return to him left me shaking my head. The Illuminati also sound out of character. It's obvious that the Thanos series is meant to be impactful and set up his new status quo, but it just hasn't lived up to its billing.

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