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Thanos #2 (of 4)

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The new Illuminati move on Thanos to prevent him from destroying the Earth as part of his quest to reclaim his beloved Death, which means it’s time to bring in the biggest gun they’ve got: THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

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23 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    First Comics News

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    Marvel Heroes Library

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Thanos #2 left a bad taste in my mouth, especially after the excitement issue one gave this reviewer. Instead of a creative artistry, fans get a story cluttered and jumbled with confused character voices as well as a trivial plot that lacks any real promise and direction. Frankly, Thanos #2 was wordy, and felt like Cantwell was grasping at straws to make this story eventful. From incredibly thin, hard-to-decipher drawings to the Illuminati verbally bickering at each other, this comic is at a loss. My hope is that something can turn this story around quickly. The potential for anything is out there if Cantwell can find his footing like I’ve seen him do it in the past. BUT he’s going to have to make some drastic changes in order for it to happen.

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    Un Cómic Más

    Thanos reaches Roberta and tells her that he is not going to hurt her, he just wants her to remember what death is… MISTRESS DEATH!

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    Caped Joel

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    There’s so much potential in a Thanos series, but right now it feels like it’s being wasted in Thanos. One of the biggest problems is the new Illuminati is acting nonchalant while Thanos rips the city of Fresno from the surface and transports it into space. Yes, they successfully bring Fresno back down to Earth, but there have to be thousands of citizens to account for. Every character’s voice comes across as being off too, especially Thanos. Unfortunately, the art isn’t able to lift up the story either. Maybe things will improve once we learn what dirty secrets the Illuminati are hiding, and how Thanos is tied to this woman named Roberta.

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