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TerrorWar #7

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Based on 3 critic ratings.

Bruised and betrayed, Muhammad and the crew return to the fancy part of town for payback—and find themselves in a battle for Blue City’s very survival.

Everything goes up in flames in the latest from SALADIN AHMED and DAVE ACOSTA!

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32 pages
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    This book was supposed to end with issue #8 (though they’re soliciting a ninth issue). And while I’d already said I’m on board, I wonder just what the ending will feel like (even as I’m sure of what it will actually look like)? Will it be thoughtful and textured, or will it instead drop some of that recent grace and stumble in that execution? I certainly hope its the former over the latter, but my experiences with this book have left me flat on my back before.
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    This issue finally reveals the origin of the terrors that have been plaguing Blue City – but the revelation arrives awfully late in the story and comes off as too preachy. The artwork is equally inconsistent, teetering between cool sci-fi backgrounds and awkwardly rendered faces.
  • 60

    Readers get some answers regarding the origin of the Terrors. And of course, it has to do with humanity taking advantage of and profiting off the suffering of others. The Blue City represents how the rich keep on getting richer while the poor languish in poverty. It's a very relatable tale, but nothing too original as far as themes go.

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