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TerrorWar #6

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Based on 4 critic ratings.

With the help of the mysterious Doctora Z, the crew is reunited. But with Blue City in ruins and Muhammad’s brain invaded by Terrors, things ain’t looking pretty.

The strangest chapter yet in the sci-fi horror saga by SALADIN AHMED and DAVE ACOSTA!

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32 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    This is a good comic, with good art, a fresh and interesting story with a unique cultural perspective; all in all a comic you should definitely pick up.
  • 70


    The story in the issue can be summed very quickly. Yet it takes more than 20 pages to convey it to readers. While there are a few cool visuals, there’s not much more to sustain this chapter.
  • 65


    And speaking of that aforementioned theme, this issue was the first time in a minute that some of those class-centric notions/undertones really got a chance to play out. In fact, an event at the issue’s center lays the groundwork for some bigger moves in that particular department, and it’s a huge chance to drive home this book’s interest in classism and sweeping change for the working class. There’s still some hesitation on that front but we’re clearly in the upswing as the team could be assembling the path forward to a powerful dissection, and perhaps more importantly, a direction that feels truly significant (i.e., this book promises to show us some idea of the union building among the classes that’s necessary to truly stop the true Terrors.) But for now a lot of thought remains mostly hypothetical, and we have to wait to see if things happen in a way to really push this book toward its larger potential. I have just enough faith given the arc of these last two issues, as each respectively made moves to draw the circle closer around the book’s true strengths (monsters and monster-centric analogies). Let’s just hope #7 is more awe inspiring than mostly good/alright.
  • 40

    Terrorwar #6 follows its team of characters as they narrate to readers each new horror they discover and how these discoveries relate to the stratified society they occupy. There are no distinct voices amongst a diverse team of individuals and their newest joiner Doctora Z. Rather, they recap information already available and admit all to readily to the next developments of plot. Doctora Z's defense of her own misdeeds is direct and cliched to an eye-rolling extent and one that could seemingly be written by a text generator. Beneath the ploddingly obvious developments of plot spoken into existence, there is a gnarly aesthetic given abundant opportunities to depict mayhem and carnage as the Terrors tear into the city. It's a style that fits well with the premise but can't mitigate the poor execution that structures this issue and series alike.

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