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Tear Us Apart #3

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Boy and Girl are on the run from the death cult that spawned them, and as they venture into a town they discover all the wonders that 1993 has to offer. A mall! Christmas! “In Utero” by Nirvana! Teenage angst! Things are pretty darn great, but boy howdy is it all about to go sideways as an army of assassins heads to town. Oh, and a guy gets his face punched off. No, really!

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28 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An entertaining story that does a great job of fleshing out the characters and giving them more relatable and interesting. I enjoy how layered and cinematic this story is with elements of young love, coming of age as well as action and adventure. Baruchel and Jensen are crafting an entertaining and immersive story in this series and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

    The Art: Micelli delivers some great art in the issue. I love the visual style of this series and how it utilizes shadow as well as bringing emotion out in many of the compositions.

  • 80

    The action sequence at the start of Tear Us Apart #3 is absolutely stunning, featuring Allesandro Micelli’s watercolor shading against sharp black lines to contrast the soft falling of snow against the terrible speed of bloodletting. It’s an impressive, silent sequence that clarifies the abilities displayed by both of the series’ protagonists. The knowledge of what these teenagers can do also serves to make what follows all the more appealing. Trauma and rage is contrasted with the simple kindness of their rescuer and the mundane montage of suburban, teen experiences. It’s a joy to see responses to music and other simple pleasures as depicted by Micelli, even as the narrative winds up tension for the next stage of this rapidly unfurling conspiracy. Tear Us Apart has captured its own rhythm with a compelling collection of protagonists and abundant opportunities for more severe action ahead. It seems this series is only improving as it progresses.

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