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Swan Songs #5 (of 6)

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Via therapeutic hypnosis, a man travels through his subconscious to try to find his inner child – and a way to be happy again.

A comic that doesn’t look like any other comic ever made, this issue is done in full collage art by the spectacular ALEX ECKMAN-LAWN – a veritable dream in four colors.

The end is almost here; this is just one of many SWAN SONGS.

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    It’s ironic that a story about a man who can’t feel pain is dominated by imagery that evokes such strong emotional responses. The master illustrations and cut-paper collages perfectly demonstrate the main character’s out-of-body feelings, helping the reader to feel empathy with someone they might not otherwise understand.

  • 90

    “The End of… Anhedonia” is set entirely in a single therapy session, which might make Swan Songs #5 sound like the dullest entry in the series to date, but an impressive application of fumetti effects by artist Alex Eckman-Lawn and metaphorical construction of the protagonist’s mindscape makes it a highlight in this already impressive series. The issue opens with a man describing his experience with anhedonia (i.e. the inability to experience joy) before delving into his trance therapy composed of pencil sketches, photography, and various other styles. These are used to dramatic effect in reflecting perception as a simple line drawing of a face is fractalized into its many underlying elements. The overlapping styles portray a depression-like fog in a revealing fashion as the specifics of a house and childhood experiences begin to feel universal. Colors are utilized to great effect and dull beiges, browns and grays contrast the discovery of new shades in the process of therapy. It serves to expose the vibrant inner life of its subject and reflect the possibilities found when addressing mental illness in an issue bound to resonate with those who have encountered similar struggles.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    Without spoiling it, at first, it left me feeling a bit hollow. Perhaps I was expecting something a bit cleaner than what they wanted to give me. It could also be my inability to see something that is clearly there. I do get the sense this is a type of issue that gets better the more times you read it. Still, that was my experience, but the beauty of art is that we can experience it differently.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Swan Songs #5 is another great issue of the miniseries, a story about an everyman named Albert that will terrify you at times and tug at your heart at others.

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