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Swan Songs #2 (of 6)

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W. MAXWELL PRINCE’s exploration of things ending continues as another all-star artist joins the party: CASPAR WIJNGAARD of HOMESICK PILOTS! Here, two former lovers find themselves—per a stipulation of their divorce settlement—locked in eternal mortal combat!

Watch the rise and fall of their doomed love…and the bloody, multi-genre aftermath!

We’ll say it again: all things come to a close; these are the SWAN SONGS.

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  • 100

    Swan Songs continues to stun in a second installment drawn by the inimitable Caspar Wijngaard depicting the end of a marriage. The issue is framed between two realities: the mundane construction and dissolution of a young, suburban couple and the unending recriminations and battles depicted in three distinctive styles. In the former setting the subtleties of romance are addressed as small differences in memory recall the same loving attachments and minor mistakes lead slowly to resentment. In the latter there are grand figures depicted in the mode of medieval tapestries, Bushido paintings, or even the epic battles of the superhero genre’s greatest artist. These battles attempt to define heroes and villains in a story where they clearly do not exist and manage to reinforce the subtle mysteries of love, even as it fades. Wijngaard’s transitions between styles seem effortless and enhance the small shifts between the two perspectives even within each sequence. They also serve to highlight the mundane reality as one with just as much beauty as any stylized depiction of battle and offer a fond remembrance of what was lost, regardless of pain. It is a nuanced perspective that could be explained endlessly in an essay, but is captured as a feeling in fewer than 30 pages of comics – a stunning accomplishment capturing human beauty in all of its messiness.

  • 100

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Swan Songs #2 is not only my favorite issue of the week, it’s my favorite issue of any book this year. It takes you through every emotion possible and like the best books, it stays with you long after you finish reading it. It’s superb and highly recommended.

  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    Love and anger are truly human emotions and everyone will no doubt have gone through them at some point in their life, we’ve all been in love one way or another and we’ve all been broken up with, but to be able to analyze it and then distill it down into a piece of art such as this is a completely new level of letting go, and it gives me true hope that surviving this heartbreak is possible.

  • 95


    What ultimately makes this a riveting reading experience, though, isn’t the relationship drama. We’ve seen it before, but it’s the structure of the story. We witness fights and, in those fights, dialogue that reveals a breaking of trust and other relationship elements, but we also see them at their best. In a single-issue comic, we see their happiest moments and darkest moments. It all culminates in a final page that ends up feeling incredibly tragic as our character thinks hopefully about a romance that’s about to start. None the wiser it will end in hurt feelings and frustrations.

    If you’re a fan of relationship drama, comics, and deep feelings, you’ll love Swan Songs #2. This beautiful and tragic story comes to life in a way only comics can.

  • 95


    If you though you hated your ex, imagine having the chance to cut off his head or blast her to smithereens for all eternity. The creative team masterfully depicts the conflicting emotions of courtship, marriage and divorce in a memorable way.

  • 90


    In this mix of perspectives and portrayals, Swan Songs urges us to think about the invisible threads that weave our relationships and the delicate nature of even the strongest connections. As we follow John and Eileen’s journey, we are taken into a world where memories, views, and conflicts come together like a haunting melody, a tribute to the emotions that make us human.

  • 68

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Conceptually, I really like this series. Unfortunately, this issue left me flat. The characters were milquetoast and uninteresting. While the concept of having a divorced couple spend eternity killing each other is intriguing, the characters are so bland and whiny that I couldn’t find a way to care about them individually or as a couple. Also, there is no satisfying resolution to their conflict because nothing in the story was satisfying enough to care about.

    The Art: Wijngaard’s art is one of the only saving graces of the issue. The visuals are lively, beautifully detailed and convey a level of emotion that I wish the story deserved.

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