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Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 (of 3)

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Alec Holland has been summoned back to the land of the living by the decrepit John Constantine himself, which is quite the surprise to the Parliament of Trees.

In exchange for a peaceful eternity within the Green, Alec was to stay out of their affairs.

With lives at risk, Alec refuses, but his conviction comes at a cost: if Alec dies in this stolen body, defending the last vestiges of humanity… he’s gone for good!

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  • 100

    The first issue of Swamp Thing: Green Hell came out more than a year ago, and while we can’t say we enjoyed the various delays, this second book in the series has proven to be worth the wait. Alec is ever the stoic hero whose powers seem limitless yet worn thin, reluctantly being the bastion of hope that no other DC hero is capable of embodying. The threats are epic and nightmarish, not only horrifying in their own right but leaving us terrified of what we can expect in the story’s conclusion, while the worries of including Constantine were for naught, as he’s barely a supporting character in this chapter and could bring even more excitement to the series’ conclusion. Book 2 is equal parts triumphant and disturbing, leading us to hope we won’t have to wait another year for the ending while also not looking forward to this saga to come to an end.

  • 95

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 returns to the mini-series after a year-long break to offer a chapter rich with dramatic layers, nuanced emotions, complex conflicts, and phenomenal art.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    Black Label has dealt with some heavy delays, but nothing like this—a whopping fourteen months between the first and second of what might be Jeff Lemire’s final DC work due to his new Image contract. Which is a shame, because the first issue was fantastic—a post-apocalyptic thriller set in a world where the Green, Red, and Rot all decided to wipe out humanity, and a few surviving refugees sought out an elderly Constantine to summon Swamp Thing back from oblivion to take on his deadliest enemy yet—the Green. (…) This is a fantastic comic, one of Black Label’s best—and hopefully we’ll get the next issue less than fourteen months from now.

  • 94

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Lemire crafts a bold, dark and thoroughly engaging story in this issue. The story has some amazing world building and a fantastic take on the characters especially Constantine. There are some powerful and compelling stakes for the character as well and I love the progression of the story and how personal it becomes for Alec. I was immediately hooked and anxious to see what happens next.

    The Art: Mahnke deliver some powerful art on every page of the issue. Not only did I love the peaceful environment Alec lived in, but the contrast to the real world and other locations was visually stunning.

  • 92

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    For Swamp Thing fans, this is a no-brainer. Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 should be on your pull list especially considering it’s basically the only Swamp Thing comic out now and it’s written by Lemire. The bigger question is whether or not the in-between fan/ indifferent Swamp Thing fan should check it out. And I would say ABSOLUTELY! There is a ton in this issue for almost everyone. The symbolic tragic hero figure. The Horror Comic aficionado. The post-apocalyptic society. And of course the fan interested in taking that first dive into a Swamp Thing Comic. Sure, it’s a bit heavy for a first Swamp Thing Comic. However, it’s a spectacular issue for anyone interested in dipping their toe into exactly how the character should be written with outstanding art to justify the purchase.

  • 90


    Tapping into the weird mythology of its source material and injecting beautiful extremes and cutting-edge eco-anxiety, Green Hell doesn’t skip a beat from that long-ago first issue.

  • 80

    DC Comics News

    Swamp Thing: Green Hell #2 morphs from a “last Swamp Thing” story to a continuation of The New 52 era of the character. Along with the concepts developed in The New 52 Animal Man, there’s some real meat in this issue. Lemire is sure to include classic Swamp Thing themes, but it’s just as exciting to see what happens with the Green, the Red and the Rot. With the fate of humanity, Abby and Tefe hanging in the balance, this series is already one of the great Swamp Thing stories.

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