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Supermassive 2023

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A doorway has opened. Beyond it lies the Holy Grail. Yes, that Holy Grail. But why are RADIANT BLACK, ROGUE SUN, and THE DEAD LUCKY all so desperate to get their hands on it—and who is the mysterious woman who stands in their way?

Massive-Verse architects KYLE HIGGINS, RYAN PARROTT, MELISSA FLORES & MAT GROOM are joined by superstar art team DANIELE DI NICUOLO & WALTER BAIAMONTE (Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, Seven Secrets) for a 50-page one-shot crossover event!

SUPERMASSIVE is a Massive-Verse comic.

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Watch

    Supermassive #1 is an excellent place to sample the wider Massive-Verse, blending the sci-fi elements of Radiant Black with the urban fantasy of Rogue Sun, and the intersection of both in The Dead Lucky. The one-shot is welcoming to both newcomers who’ve never picked up an issue in the larger universe, while also moving the stories forward for each character and giving a sense of progression for the shared universe. Every element of the book hits the balance between being accessible and rewarding, and it succeeds across all fronts.

  • 100


    It’s extremely rare to be handed a special event book with a self-contained story and no additional titles that you have to buy to get a satisfying experience. The creative team has gone to great lengths to ensure that this book is accessible to all, but you will absolutely enjoy this story even more if you read all of the Massive-Verse titles first. I particularly loved the use of Radiant(s) Black, and how Nathan and Marshall’s current conundrum plays out in the pages of the annual (make sure you cast your vote for Radiant Black…because Kyle is evil). Caleb and Dylan’s situation (as set up at the end of Rogue Sun – Volume 2: Hellbent, now available) also gets a chance to breathe, giving the readers an indication as to how the Knight Sun’s choices might impact his story following this outing. Bibi proved to be a true wildcard in this adventure, and received a wonderful moment in the opening Grail trial (Bibi’s first story continues in The Dead Lucky: Volume 1, now available). The team took some big narrative swings to keep the audience guessing, ensuring that the quest concept was engaging and filled with an appropriate amount of pop-culture references. Daniele and Walter will shock you with their dynamic designs and impactful color choices, using the medium to its fullest with every page turn. All of these elements are wonderful and easily earn this title the rating listed below, but the epilogue (and cameo) was just the icing on the cake and deserves acknowledgement.

    This book is isn’t just SUPERMASSIVE, it’s truly epic in all senses of the word.

  • 100


    With the MassiveVerse only getting bigger from here, it will soon run into the troubles people have with Marvel and DC: Accessibility. The more stories and characters that get introduced into the MassiveVerse, the harder it will get for new readers to jump in and join the fun. Supermassive serves as a great place to start for people interested in exploring the MassiveVerse. Take it as a primer in getting to know the major players without needing too much background info. It’s a fun and exciting one-shot that hits the sweet spot of being accessible for new readers while still rewarding longtime followers for keeping up with the craziness within the MassiveVerse. As someone who’s mostly kept up with only Radiant Black, reading Supermassive made me want to start diving into Rogue Sun. Kyle Higgins and the team of creators he’s brought into the fold have really found something special that’s not often accomplished within the world of comics. As a reader and a fan, Supermassive makes me very excited about what’s come for Radiant Black and the rest of the MassiveVerse.

  • 90

    Comic Book Revolution

    Supermassive: One-Shot delivers everything you can want from an epic big event crossover comic book. This is a must have for fans of the Massive-Verse. And even if you haven’t experienced the Massive-Verse comic books this one-shot gives you a great idea for why you should be Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, and The Dead Lucky.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    When a book has the billing “Super Massive”, it gives itself a high benchmark to hit. Without question, The Massive-Verse team accepts and exceeds the challenge mixing in superb writing and energetic artwork in an adventure fitting for the title. There’s a reason why this universe is comics’ most exciting one.

  • 80

    Supermassive 2023 #1 pulls together its stellar cast of heroes and weaves in classic adventuring elements to create a gorgeous and thoroughly entertaining team-up; both longtime fans and those jumping in for the first time will find something to love.

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