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Superman Annual #13

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Superman and the Phantom Stranger travel to the future, where Earth has recovered from past disasters. The Phantom Stranger explains that this future is just one possibility influenced by human choices. He advises Superman against giving in to Arion’s demands, as it would come at a high cost.

Back in the present, Superman creates a massive whirlpool, destroying Arion’s castle and his magic shield. Arion sends two monsters, who turn out to be young New Gods. Superman calms them down, and Arion transforms into a sea monster to attack Superman. However, Superman defeats him, removes his power-giving artifacts, and destroys the castle. Arion reappears in the 1600s, revealing his trickery. Lexcorp’s Scramcams save the company temporarily, and Lana reflects on her success. Superman observes the city and saves a woman while keeping an eye on other events. In Iran, Hassan-I-Sabbah, now decayed, returns as “Khyber” in armor.

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    Because DC has decided to use their Annuals as a format to publish stories that should’ve seen print long, long ago, this issue includes a superfluous back-up story that I can only assume is supposed to make us forgive DC for the editorial screw-up. In short, Kurt Busiek and Fabien Nicieza’s back-up story didn’t even come close to making me forget I waited several months for this issue’s main story. It’s a sappy, nostalgia-heavy story about the Kents, Lois Lane, Superman, Supergirl, Krypto and Christopher Kent having a picnic on a foreign planet, and that’s about the extent of what occurs in this handful of pages. Save your time and close the book once you finish the Camelot Falls finale.

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