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Superman #5

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Silver Banshee is back-and more dangerous than ever!

Given a massive power upgrade by Lex Luthor’s archenemies, Silver Banshee’s scream rocks Metropolis, and Superman must stop her from destroying his city while also saving her life. Be ready for the shock ending that stabs this series in its heart!

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    First Comics News

    The focus of this issue shifts to Jimmy Olsen and his new girlfriend- The Silver Banshee (You heard that right) and yes, it’s both amusing and lovely, but it never falls into the category of being another “Ross and Rachel” story but I can say with honestly that everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because the story quickly shifts back into action with Superman in the mix (It is his title); What I enjoy the most of Joshua Willamson’s run on this title is that he’s put a strong focus on Superman’s supporting cast that show how after all of these years, they can still be engaging while letting the readers know why they’re still important to Superman’s life; The way that Jamal Campbell draws Banshee is just wonderful as he really makes her dark and threatening in a way that John Byrne could never do and yes, I would LOVE for Campbell to continue on as this title’s artist. This issue ends on a devastating note for Lex Luthor (**NO SPOILERS**) but until that plot thread gets resolved, this is another exciting issue in a series that continues to show the absolute best era for The Man of Steel.

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    While Clark is still a major focus in his own Title, Superman #5 shifts Jimmy Olsen and Siobhan (also known as Silver Banshee) into the limelight, a shift that delivers delightful results. Joshua Williamson has continually demonstrated how crucial Superman’s supporting cast is to the series and to a more engaging Superman as a whole, and Superman #5 embodies that from beginning to end. Olsen and Siobhan’s relationship is sweet and endearing in all the right ways, and Lex’s vulnerability feels fresh while still feeling like an authentic evolution. Jamal Campbell and Ariana Maher are once again out of this world, and Silver Banshee offers them a vibrant canvas in which to work. Banshee’s powers make every page come alive, and when the story moves to darker places, the team hits just as hard, delivering one of the series’ most unexpected heartbreaking moments so far. My only issue is that we have to wait until August and September to find out what happens next.

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    Fortress of Solitude

  • 96

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    Yes, the Parasite and the Banshee are ‘defeated’ easily. But they are sort of small components of the bigger plot and I am okay with it. Because it is the big story that I am finding compelling. And there are enough ‘small moments’ in these mini-chapters to keep me smiling.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Under Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell, Superman hasn’t felt this fresh and exciting in years.

    Williamson is one of DC’s best and that comes from his skill in incorporating the classic elements of characters while fearlessly introducing new challenges, obstacles and dynamics to freshen up the status quo.


    Campbell’s artwork is exquisite as he draws a powerful looking Superman who’s expressive enough to never lose sight of the man. Campbell, who colors his own artwork, utilized some elegant coloring techniques for Silver Banshee unleashing her powers. Letterer Adriana Maher adds some nice flair to the dialogue buttons.

    The one downside is the issue ends on a cliffhanger that won’t get paid off until after the Knight Terrors event plays out next month. DC doesn’t need another event especially one that’s so all-encompassing and bogging down enjoyable titles in a story that won’t mean anything in the long run.

    I’m looking forward to the next installment of this arc as this creative team is soaring with this compelling take on the Man of Steel and his pals.

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    Geek Dad

    Superman has been in an all-time renaissance these last few years, and Josh Williamson’s first arc on this title has been fantastic. With Superman reluctantly in charge of Lexcorp and working with an imprisoned Luthor, he’s been pitted against a sadistic duo of mad scientists upgrading his villains against their will. After fending off Parasite, his next test is a driven-to-madness Silver Banshee—who it was revealed at the end of last issue is dating Jimmy Olsen! A sweet flashback to their courtship actually sells us on their connection in only a few pages, which isn’t as far off as all that—Siobahn has always been more of a tragic villain, possessed by a dark spirit. Now, she’s had her scream tied to the Phantom Zone, which leads to a delightfully creepy effect in Jamal Campbell’s art as she basically vomits ghosts at Superman. And while Superman wants to help her, “Supercorp” may have other ideas.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Superman #5 may be the best issue in Williamson’s run, with a highly entertaining and amusing mix of action, heart, drama, and humor. Jimmy Olsen gets a big moment to shine with Superman, and the art is fantastic.

  • 90


    Superman #5 builds on the rest of the Banshee arc and brings it to a satisfying close. The questions that it raises remain compelling, especially when it comes to Lex’s redemption. The only reason that the cliffhanger ending disappoints is that it means another two months before we get to learn just what’s going to happen to Superman’s greatest nemesis.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Superman #5 concludes the story arc with Silver Banshee as Superman resolves the fight, with a little help from his pal and Banshee’s new boyfriend Jimmy Olsen. The comic does a good job showing how the two hook up and sells the relationship between Jimmy Olsen and Silver Banshee as genuine. Jimmy even gets his time to shine in his own way with Superman. The creative team do a great job with giving this comic heart, laughs, and a good deal of action. And the ending will definitely create shockwaves for Superman and the rest of DC Comics, at least it should.

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    This is comic book storytelling at its absolute finest. Holy cow, people. I was already fully on board with the adorable love story of Jimmy and Siobhan. I love when villains can become good guys, or at least act reasonable. But then Williamson weaves it all into a greater story, as Lex tries to ponder why the villains would infect Parasite and Silver Banshee first. And then he finds out…it was to destroy Superman’s hearing so that he wouldn’t be there to save Lex! What an ending! What a carefully constructed story! I love the cleverness, I love the devastation! And the panel-by-panel storytelling as Clark celebrates with his loved ones, while Luthor is shivved in prison, is chef’s kiss gorgeous. The whole issue is gorgeous.

    This is such a fun comic. It perfectly balances the human side of things and the superhero side of things. The Jimmy/Banshee relationship is adorable. Jimmy standing up to Superman in order to help save Banshee is badass and handled so well. The Supercorp is neat! The only gripe I have is that Pharm and Graft have yet to make a real impact on me. They’re just some evil villain types who are one step ahead of everybody else, because that’s how they’re written. They could stand to be fleshed out a little bit more. I’m confident we’ll get that in time.

    And if I haven’t said it enough, Campbell is killing it on art. So full of life, so full of color, so full of depth; DC has some amazing artists on staff these days and Campbell is making their career here.

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    Comic Watch

    It’s the fifth issue of the newest run of Williamson and Campbell’s return of Superman to his own self-titled series, and they’re still off to a strong start. The newest additions to the Superman rogues gallery hasn’t been the greatest of additions, the story being delivered has been entertaining. Williamson’s sticking to his strengths, and has managed to avoid some pitfalls that’s negatively affected some of his more loftier series.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Williamson delivers a fun and entertaining story with a surprising twist I was not expecting. The villains continue to be intriguing and the mystery behind them and their relationship to Lex Luthor continues to be compelling. I like the growing dynamic between Superman and Lex and how they are working together. There are some other great mysteries brewing within the story that I want to see explored and this issue has some great, heartfelt moments for the characters.

    The Art: Campbell delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The visual style of the story allows for some great character moments as well as explosive action and adventure.

  • 85


    I really thought the first arc of this series dropped off quickly (though that may be that there’s no way writers conclude Parasite stories besides a drain or an overload). However, this issue is so full of charm. It has some clever use of Superman and Jimmy, and a frightening as hell twist to the end. It’s easily the best issue of the series to date, particularly because it roots every bit of the story in the characters in it. There’s fun superhero sci-fi, and some great action but without the emotional core Williamson establishes, it would have fallen flat.

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    The Fandom Post

    There’s a lot going on in this book and it’s managing it all pretty well considering the space limitations. I just wish there was more time for it to breathe, which is how I feel about far too many US comic releases these days. There’s so much potential for other stuff in here as well but I also get frustrated by when comics do try to do something lovey-dovey in that it’s done up as just a flavor of superheroes in some sense. It’s just frustrating to be so limited. What we get with this book is fun and it made me enjoy Silver Banshee more and has me rooting hard both for Jimmy and Siobhan but also for seeing more double date stuff where Lois is feeling her age a bit. The “Pal” nods were a lot of fun as well and while I know why the darker elements are there at the end I wish it was kept out of this issue even as it provides a stark contrast for Clark and what he deals with.

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    Superman Homepage

    I haven’t seen a Jimmy Olsen-centric story for many, many, years and though the relationship with Siobhan takes centre stage, there was still more than enough of Superman and Lex to keep the main story arc going. I enjoyed seeing both Superman and Lex struggling with roads not taken. I was genuinely suprised that Lex would even consider how different his life would be had he remained friends with Clark.

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