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Superman #11

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The Lex Luthor revenge squad attacks! Superman is back from his blast to the past but finds that Mr. Graft and Dr. Pharm have gathered some of Lex Luthor’s greatest enemies with a mission to wipe out Lex and everything he loves from Metropolis. Superman will fight to save Lex’s life but when he learns the truth about Lex’s past…will he want to?

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  • 100

    Superman hasn't missed since it launched, and Joshua Williamson's ability to keep fans guessing is a major part of that winning recipe. More twists and turns await in Superman #11, though these are made all the more effective in the ripple effects they create and how they affect how you view the extended cast. This is true of Lex especially, and those ripple effects have greatly affected Lena as well, who has quickly stepped into a substantial role in the series and yet has already rewarded that in meaningful ways. The grand plan at work is also something that seems par for the course at first glance but quickly turns into something else altogether, once more showing an ability to defy expectations. The issue wouldn't hit nearly as hard without the wonderful work of artist David Baldeon, colorist Rex Lokus, and letterer Ariana Maher. Their styles are the perfect match for the Pharm and Graft heavy issue, and the two have never looked more diabolical. Superman's more animated expressions are also a brilliant match for the shifts in his demeanor towards the book's end, and those action sequences do not disappoint. Superman has been on a truly stellar run for sometime now, and that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.
  • 95

    Geek Dad

    This is one of the fastest-paced issues of the series yet, with a mile-a-minute feel that sets the stakes sky-high for this latest arcs and gives Superman several new villains to face off against.
  • 93

    Superman Homepage

    Perhaps I misjudged last issue. Though I had no way of knowing that what I had issues with in #10 were going to play out here. In a collected form I guess it wouldn't have mattered! I really liked this issue because, as mentioned, it was the real meat to the story. Yes, I deliberately kept the spies identity out of my synopsis.
  • 90


    This issue was a really fun escalation of the current ongoing story. It was a joy to read. The Superman Revenge Squad is a classic comic book team, so updating it to the Lex Luthor Revenge Squad is another fine example of Williamson taking old villains and concepts and twisting them into something new, which I’ve every much enjoyed. And the idea of Graft forcing Superman onto the Squad is great. I especially loved the reveal that Superman under the effects of Red Kryptonite isn’t going to play nice with anybody! That was a standout moment in this issue that adds some good character development to Graft. I don’t like villains who are absolutely perfect and constantly thinking 10 steps ahead. Graft can still be a genius and have a great plan, and still get called out on an obvious mistake. I’ve always liked Baldeon’s art, and he’s a good fit for this title. The art has always been a real standout for Williamson’s Superman, and while I definitely miss Jamal Campbell, Baldeon easily keeps up with all the action and characters in play. So we’ve got another entertaining chapter in this already entertaining story, with all manner of villains and action and characters running around, with at least one truly awesome standout moment. That makes for a great comic book issue to me!
  • 90

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    I liked this issue for it's honoring of the past while pushing this fun story forward. Fun art as well.
  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Williamson adds some thrills to Superman’s story that I haven’t experienced in a while. The story is filled with great tension and I love the fact that I couldn’t tell what was going to happen next especially the reveal of the new member of the anti-Lex league. A fun, inventive and entertaining story throughout. The Art: David Baldeon is one of my favorite current artists and he brings some beautiful character designs to this issue as well as wonderfully detailed action.
  • 85

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 85

    Nerd Initiative

    The return home isn’t always welcome for the Man of Steel. The Lex Luthor Revenge Squad makes their final move with Williamson pacing the moves with great writing. Baldeón, Lokus and Maher construct energetic imagery with big reveals in the closing moments of the chapter. This is one Superman story you won’t want to miss.
  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 80
  • 75

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Superman #11 sets up the penultimate end to Pharm and Graft's master plan to destroy Lex Luthor with great art, several cool moments, and interesting revelations. That said, Williamson's script rushes through a laundry list of twists, turns, and reveals to get to an end that may have caught up with Williamson sooner than he planned.
  • 75

    Lyles Movie Files

    This was a decent issue though one of the weaker ones of this run. That’s the downside to such a strong, enjoyable stint. It’s probably time for Williamson to wrap up the Luthor Revenge Squad arc and further expand this new era of Superman soon though.
  • 72

    Comic Watch

    Superman #11 us a rush job paving the way towards The House of Braniac, a sad but rare issue in this run that sacrifices quality for the sake of speed and schedule.
  • 70

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Superman #11 brings the Man of Steel in conflict with the newly formed Lex Luthor Revenge Squad. Based on first impressions, this villain team needs some work. Their membership is a little lacking, and they don’t seem all that menacing or formidable against Superman since their only edge is kryptonite weapons. Then there’s the big reveals with Lena and Leticia Luthor in this comic. They don’t hit like they could because we were just introduced to them a couple issues ago and barely got anything with them, so the reveals fall flat without proper build up and character interaction. However, the art and action were still good, and the next phase of Pharm and Graft’s plan is far more interesting than the first half, so next issue should be more exciting.

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