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Superman #667

Superman, battered and dirty from a battle, is pursued by cameras as he flies towards a looming threat. Reflecting on recent events, he remembers fighting alongside Zatanna against tentacled creatures while Arion watches and provokes him, blaming Superman for the encroaching darkness. Zatanna advises Superman to use iron to ground the creatures.

The Phantom Stranger appears and informs Superman that he has been unable to locate Arion, confirming the presence of growing dark energies. Arion’s attacks continue for eleven days, resulting in numerous catastrophes around the world.

Lana Lang instructs Lexcorp technicians to release “Scramcams,” the cameras that were following Superman, in an attempt to salvage something from the collapsing Lexcorp. Meanwhile, Superman ponders over Machu Picchu when Subjekt-17 confronts him. Subjekt-17 demands Superman either extract information about Arion or join him against humanity for their cruelty. They engage in a fight, with Superman eventually overpowering Subjekt-17.

As Subjekt-17 reveals Arion’s location, he indicates his intention to return. Despite offering medical assistance, Subjekt-17 refuses and succumbs to the internal injuries inflicted by Superman. The cameras capture this event. Superman locates Arion’s hideout and, unable to use his powers to break in, he creates a whirlpool to destroy the safehouse.

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