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Superman #663

In The Oblivion Bar, a man claiming to be Arion flirts with Traci Thirteen and her friend. Meanwhile, Manitou Raven communicates with his widow. The real Arion appears and mocks the imposter. Back in Metropolis, Superman deals with the mischievous Young Gods, but Lightray advises him to take a break and address the impending disaster hinted by Arion.

The real and fake Arion have a debate about their value, with the real Arion suggesting the imposter could be useful.

While Superman talks with Lightray, some beings hand him baby Chemos. Lightray insists on handling the situation to give Superman time to reflect.

At Lexcorp, Superman discusses the declining state of the company with Lana. She suggests he use his scientific skills for the benefit of humanity, but advises against quitting.

Lois tells Superman to ignore Arion’s influence and takes him to the moon to contemplate. Upon returning, Superman saves a falling child and finds that Lightray has resolved everything. Arion confronts Superman and attempts to take over his mind with a spell, which starts to work.

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