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Superman #658

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In the year 2014, the remaining heroes fight against Khyber’s forces.

Parasite loses his power and is killed by one of Khyber’s soldiers. Luthor defends against the invaders until Khyber appears. Superman reappears and battles Khyber, but hesitates to deliver the final blow. Khyber kills Superman, but Sirocco impales Khyber and his forces die.

Three years later, Lex dies in battle and is buried next to Superman.

Years later, the survivors dwindle and Wonder Woman leads a group to find civilization. Wally West dies, and in 2045, Lois dies and is buried next to Clark. Jimmy writes his final journal entry, having not seen another human since Lois died.

In the present, Arion tells Superman that civilization must be allowed to fall for mankind to survive.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Superman #658 was nothing great. I do think that this story arc has the potential to be pretty interesting. Hopefully, Busiek can turn up the pacing a couple of notches in the next issue. I don’t think that Superman is nearly as strong of a title as Action Comics. The big difference is that I would recommend Action Comics to anyone regardless if they were a Superman fan or not; whereas I wouldn’t do that with Superman.

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