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Superman #655

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Paris, 1659: Arion the Immortal, living as Vicomte Jean-Simon Giscard D’Arion, has a prophetic dream about Camelot’s fall. Troubled, he uses a crystal ball to see the future.

The Present: Clark Kent reads multiple texts on a plane to Ayaguz, Kazakhstan. He recalls visiting Lana Lang, who divorced former President Pete Ross and stayed in Metropolis while he returned to Smallville. Clark notices the devastation surrounding Ayaguz using his telescopic vision and changes into Superman to investigate.

Superman finds Doctor Llewellyn among the rubble, who informs him that Subjekt-17, a monster imprisoned in a Soviet lab, has escaped. Superman confronts the monster and a battle ensues.

Arion, witnessing all this through his crystal ball, possesses knowledge about Subjekt-17’s true nature. He opens a mystical rift and enters the present.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Superman #655 combines excellent writing and great artwork. The writing is balanced and masterfully blends action with drama and character development. Busiek and Pacheco are doing a sterling job on Superman. This is definitely a title worth checking out.

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