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Superman #654

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Lois wakes up to find Clark has already left, but a special breakfast has been prepared for their “special day.” She learns about Neutron causing havoc in the city and realizes why Clark isn’t home.

Superman confronts Neutron and prevents him from exploding with the help of the Science Police.

Later, Clark returns to the Daily Planet and is assigned to cover a secret project in Kazakhstan by Dr. Carolyn Llewellyn. Despite Perry’s anger over Clark’s absenteeism, he gives him a list of stories to cover. Clark struggles to balance his duties as Superman and his personal life, including celebrating their “special day” with Lois.

Superman battles Bruno Mannheim, who has gained unusual powers from an unknown source.

Finally, Clark returns home to find Lois waiting in lingerie, having completed his assignments. They celebrate their “special day” as the first time Superman held her.

In Kazakhstan, Dr. Llewellyn and Colonel Sorokin discuss their concerns about the secret project called Subjekt-17.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Superman #654 was a great read. Busiek is doing a masterful job weaving various interesting plotlines together to make an entertaining story. Pacheco is a solid artist who turns out a good looking comic. This is a balanced comic book that is definitely worth checking out even if you aren’t a huge fan of the big red S.

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