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Superior Spider-Man #4

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Superior Spider-Man’s greatest foe has always been Peter Parker’s own memories. With Anna Maria’s life at stake, Otto seeks to not only be the Superior Spider-Man but the ONLY SPIDER-MAN.

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    Nerd Initiative

    This will be short, Superior Spider-Man #4 might be one of the best comics I’ve ever read. It’s easily one of the best Spidey stories and just hits home on why we love him so much. The emotion, the flashbacks, the heart and of course, the art and the incredible dialogue. This issue was one for the books! I don’t say this often, but run, don’t walk, to go and pick this issue up!
  • 90

    When Superior Spider-Man works, it works exceedingly well and luckily for fans of the story, Superior Spider-Man #4 is one of those times. Though the latest stab at this character has been wildly inconsistent, Slott pulls out all the stops to craft this month's release into a worthy read, with peak Spider-Man goodness stuffed into every panel. Couple with Bagley's line art that simultaneously pays homage to both Silver and Bronze age tales, this comic is a delight.
  • 90

    First Comics News

    It’s always a good thing when this current volume of this title comes out with an issue that takes creativity to new heights and that’s what we get with this current issue that finds both Peter Parker and Otto Octavius duking it out in their minds (Which has been done before, but not without the explosive result that is on display here); Dan Slott pulls out all the stops while giving the readers a comprehensive look at the history between Spidey and Ock that pays homage to both the Silver and Bronze Age stories and gives us an amazing surprise towards the end (**NO SPOILERS**); This series tends to have a “swing and a miss” factor attached to it but this issue is by far a brilliant read that succeeds on all levels and gives us a solid reason to check out the next issue.
  • 60


    Did we need an entire issue devoted to a fight scene honoring Doc Ock and Spider-Man’s history? Probably not, and while it’s drawn to perfection, it also feels like an unnecessary issue as we wait for Supernova – an underwritten character, to say the least – to be defeated already. Superior Spider-Man #4 honors the past and works as it calls back to key elements but falls flat as a comic that could have brought much more joy.

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