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Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow #6 (of 6)

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It’s all come down to this! Conner fights tooth and nail to protect the victims of Dominator X. But when the dust settles, what will it mean for Superboy’s future as a hero?

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    Overall, I found the story rewarding and uplifting. We have to remember that the original story started off as a pitch for last year’s DC Round Robin. It is safe to say that that pitch changed significantly to fit as well as it does under the Dawn of DC banner. I would say that it does a good job fitting in as one of the Action Comics and Superman support books. The Dawn of DC Superfamily does not have much room to breathe in the main books as the stories focus largely on Superman. “Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow” does a good job at giving Conner a fun character building side story.

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