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Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 (of 4)

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As the Dream Team’s story reaches its climax, Dreamer and her Suicide Squad take their one and only shot at preventing the future she’s predicted, in which Amanda Waller turns Gamorra into her own personal alien super-prison. Will Dreamer be able to save the day and abide by her superhero code, or will she have to embrace the Wall’s “greater good” philosophy and resolve to change the future by any means necessary?

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    If you’ve been getting the mini-series, you’re going to love this final issue. If you haven’t been getting it, what are you waiting for? Grab up the back issues and this issue and get ready for a fantastic ride!

  • 100

    The Aspiring Kryptonian

    I can tell I’ll be gushing and raving about this book, and series as a whole, for a long time. It blew away any kind of expectations I could’ve possibly had and delivered a truly thought provoking story with plenty of fun interactions, amazing drama, and spectacular action sequences. Also, I need more Harley and Dreamer hijinks in my life, just saying.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Given the nature of Dreamer’s powers, it’s no surprise that there are some unique twists here in terms of the format of this issue, but it wouldn’t work if the previous three issues hadn’t gotten us deeply invested in the plot and the characters. This has me very excited to see more of both the event and Dreamer, hopefully under Maines’ writing.

  • 85


    Nicole Maines and the creative team responsible for Suicide Squad: Dream Team should be really proud of themselves for producing such a thrilling and intriguing story. I honestly had no expectations for this series because I didn’t know some of the characters, but I’m glad I was able to review it. It’s really solid and a good precursor to Absolute Power. Now that it’s over, I’m looking forward to what Maines writes next and if this team reunites on another project, I’ll be there day one. Congrats to everyone involved, go read this issue, and get the trade when it comes out!

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    I really enjoyed this short run, although I wish there were a little more to it. Maines does a very good job at giving us both a complete story, and a teaser of these characters, and she’s co-writing Absolute Power: Ground ZeroSuicide Squad: Dream Team #4 wraps things up nicely in this arc while still leaving the door open to Dreamer’s return.

  • 40

    The final showdown between Dreamer and the Squad delivers on action with a frantic fight in the skies, but lacks much surprise; it plays out with the familiar rhythms of superhero comics and the only death that occurs in this issue is more confusing than shocking. When Dreamer and Waller face off, it becomes clear that none of these events will alter Waller’s plans. Instead, readers are introduced to new elements set to pay off in a future miniseries and contrasting where these characters are at the end of four issues, it seems that they’ve maintained a very colorful holding pattern. Whether or not the pay off in Absolute Power will be satisfying, it leaves this miniseries feeling half-baked at its end.

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