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Subgenre #2

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From the New York Times bestselling creators of BANG! comes a mind-bending, multi-dimensional murder mystery presented in a pulp magazine-sized format!

A man is living two lives. He is a private detective in a dystopian cyberpunk future trying to solve a triple murder.

But when he falls asleep – he wakes up as a wandering adventurer in a barbaric fantasy world where magic exists.

Is he two separate people? Or is he a third person that has undergone a psychotic split?

He jumps back and forth from sword-wielding barbarian to jaded private eye trying to solve the brutal crime.

But the bigger question is, can he merge these realities without losing himself?

Subgenre is the latest release from Flux House Books, a new boutique imprint that will feature the writing (and sometimes) art of acclaimed comics creator Matt Kindt, with crime, science fiction, horror, and humor stories, all told and presented in startling and untraditional ways.

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35 pages
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    I don’t want to spoil it that much, but there’s a moment in this issue where the warrior is told that if he wants something, all he has to do is ask. And that got me thinking about just what this book may be doing in dissecting storytelling (being open and above board with it), and the warmth and deliberateness it might employ to reach those objectives. Perhaps that’s what we owe it in return: the civility and intent to keep going as it unfolds in front of us. And for now, I’m willing to do that and just a little more.

  • 60

    Subgenre spends its second issue almost entirely in the Conan The Barbarian-esque fantasy world our protagonist fell into at the end of the series opener. What follows is neither parody nor satire, but rather a fairly faithful recreation of mythical fantasy. The comic book finally jumps back to the original story in its final pages, indicating that while it wants to deal in some heavy topics, it also wants to have fun diving into different subgenres (hence the title). Whether or not it can balance those two goals remains to be seen.

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