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Stuff of Nightmares: Slay Ride #1

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If you dare, get into the sinister spirit of the season and join The Nightmare Keeper for a demented Saint Nick story… one who decks the halls with holiday horror, crafting a very merry macabre Christmas unlike any other!

As malls continue to die, a down-and-out former mall Santa named Heinrick Fiddler’s rage turns to madness, and he’s dead-set on making sure department store shopping isn’t the only thing that’s deceased.

Treasured Fear Street and Goosebumps author R.L. Stine is joined by Bram Stoker Award-nominated artist Pius Bak (Eat the Rich) for another tale straight from your nightmares!

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    R.L. Stine has a way of pulling you into his nightmare and hes still giving me Goosebumps. If you enjoyed his fantastic thrillers in the 90s, you are going to love how his nightmares come alive in the comic book world. Artist Pius Bak continues to ooze talent through his illustrations, the dark shadowing created dramatic tension and a plentiful nightmarescape in which colorist Frances Segalas monster ink deposits blood-thick sentiments that hold you in horror, with flights of fear. From the writing to the illustrations, this killer teams tale of terror sent shocks of adrenaline while eliciting a sense of nostalgia. Stuff of Nightmares: Slay Ride #1 is a great stocking stuffer to be on the lookout for this holiday season, just take the foot out first.

  • 62

    Multiversity Comics

    Competent though rife with mismatched creatives and choices, you could have a far worse time than “Slay Ride. It’s fun and features Santa with a chainsaw and a bag of rats. Just ignore Mall Cop.

  • 60

    R.L. Stine’s latest Stuff of Nightmares installment Slay Ride is unfortunately all over the place. Having a killer Santa is usually a fun Christmas-themed horror trope, but Stine fumbles the bag with trying to create his own spin on the idea. This Santa, a former mall Santa who doesn’t take getting fired well, seems to jump back and forth between being of sound mind and just looking make some money off stealing and being completely off his rocker as he mows down unsuspecting families with a sack full of rats. It’s hard to get a grasp on him, and thus his eventual comeuppance doesn’t hit as hard as the book clearly wants it to.

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