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Stranger Things: The Voyage #2 (of 4)

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A storm descends upon The Persephone as people continue to disappear. Captain Jacoby and his crew confront the mysterious Doctor and her team, but soon learn that the Russians might not be the most dangerous thing on their ship.

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    Staking out new corners of an already well established universe is never easy, but so far Stranger Things: The Voyage is succeeding where others have struggled. One aspect of that winning formula is how The Voyage mixes in the trademark Stranger Things elements, and though it is a slow burn, that seems to be paying off. Michael Moreci’s decision to keep things relatively close knit ramps up the tension 100 fold, as the ability to survive becomes much more difficult when you can’t leave a ship and don’t even know what you’re fighting. Todor Hristov and Francesco Segala’s artwork and colors only amplify that feeling, and create a dense sense of mood and fear with every journey downstairs. Those chills are brought to a boil with the work of Nate Piekos, whose lettering in several moments immediately puts you on edge, and for different reasons in each scenario. The mixture of distrust, fear, paranoia, and trauma would be compelling even without the Stranger Things world to play in, but as an extension of that world, it becomes something all the better, and an easy recommendation to any fan of the franchise.

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