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Stranger Things: Tales from Hawkin #4 (of 4)

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It’s a special time of year in Hawkins, Indiana, but especially for Merrill and Eugene, the owners of the two biggest pumpkin patches in town. After suspected sabotage, a confrontation between these rivals soon becomes a terrifying fight for their lives. Will they work together again or die bickering?

• The conclusion to the first Tales from Hawkins Anthology!

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    One of the most evocative images ahead of Season 2 of Stranger Things was seeing Hopper exploring a pumpkin patch full of rotting gourds, with this installment of the anthology series exploring who that damage directly impacted. After years of friendship, then a falling out, rival pumpkin-patch owners get in over their heads to settle their feud, only to get more than they bargained for in the bizarre town of Hawkins, Indiana. While this might not necessarily be a frightening story, it continues to make good on the theme of the title by shedding new light on Hawkins residents who don’t have direct connections to the events of Stranger Things. Given how memorable the October setting of Season 2 of the TV show was, this marked a great opportunity to bring back an overlooked corner of Stranger Things lore while avoiding offering a game-changing reveal that would impact the mainline narrative. Instead, we’re given an entertaining and even slightly heartwarming tale about uniting against a bigger threat, while also showcasing the severity of the weirdness in Hawkins and its impact on those who aren’t in a direct fight against it

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