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Strange Academy: Moon Knight #1

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Based on 2 critic ratings.

The Multiversal Math Bowl at Brooklyn Visions had some pretty devastating consequences that have brought the Strange Academy kids to Manhattan.

Now they’ve entered the orbit of MOON KNIGHT! Is the new villain called THE EQUATION more than even Moon Knight and his Midnight Mission can handle?

One chapter of a thrilling three-part saga!

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28 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    A sense of magic isn’t quite present as ‘Strange Academy: Moon Knight’ tries to wrap these characters into the greater Marvel Universe in a very strange way. Big flashy moments replace whimsical in a story that talks at the audience more than it talks to them.

  • 60

    Writer Carlos Hernandez has a lot to work with in this second part of this Strange Academy crossover, deftly expounding on its larger plot for potential newcomers while also pushing things forward and making sure that the title hero has something to do. It’s not always successful, but the bar it’s aiming for isn’t a multiverse re-writing crossover event, it’s a simpler, fun one. Artist Julian Shaw, and colorist Edgar Delgado, have a fun opportunity with the action beats in this one, though sometimes their visuals are overcrowded by some wordy balloons.

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