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Strange Academy: Finals #6

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The end of an era. The conclusion to the story that will change the face of magic is here! So much has happened in the last few issues, we don’t dare spoil it.

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    This is a very rapid-paced issue as almost all the pages are focused on this final confrontation between Emily Bright and her classmates, chiefly her former boyfriend Doyle Dormammu. At the same time, it all balances on the relationships and emotions of these students (and the adults) pulling from everything they and we have experienced through the past twenty-three issues.

    Concluding issues can be a bit of a mixed bag because sometimes they are planned and other times, they come out of nowhere meaning things are left unfinished or unsaid and it doesn’t feel fulfilling as a reader. This is one of the former as this was the planned way to bring this moment to a close as every single thread has been meticulously leading us right to this very moment. All the character beats, the little plots, and the adventures that moved characters strategically around the playing board. What Skottie Young, Humberto Ramos, Edgar Delgado, and Clayton Cowles created with this series is truly something special both in the sense of what was in the pages but also in the sense of its place in the Marvel Universe, as we rarely get things like this which is a shame.


    I’ve loved this series since the first issue and while I’m sad that it’s now over, I’m appreciative of the journey that these creators and those behind them were able to bring to us all. Books like this with such diverse casts and creators are truly important and needed in the comic book space. While I’m a huge Spider-Man and X-Men fan, they will always have tons of stories to them and have status quos that eventually they must return to. It’s books like these, whether they run for a long or short time, that can do some amazing things because they aren’t beholden to any status quo and can fully dig into the uniqueness that is possible within the Marvel Universe.

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    And so it ends, the first Strange Academy series has come to a close. Though the finale went exactly as most predicted, Young and Ramos manage to check most of the boxes they needed to before this title sailed off into the sunset. Doyle Dormammu fulfills the prophecy, becoming the most heroic student at Strange Academy – despite being the son of one of Marvel’s most notorious villains. In fact, that’s something that has been at the heart of the story all along, and it’s what Young excelled at with this title. Breaking down barriers and preconceived notions while juggling school work and dating problems is something we all dealt with growing up, and it’s something Young has aced throughout his 24 scripts on this title. That’s amplified with his work on Doyle truly coming full circle. Bravo.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Young brings this arc to a powerful, satisfying and bittersweet conclusion. The action is fantastic and there are both bittersweet moments of sacrifice throughout. The story has done a great job of evolving these characters from their beginnings in this series and their journey continues to compelling and entertaining. I like the cliffhanger the story leaves for one character and look forward to seeing how that character returns to the story.

    The Art: Ramos ramps up the action in this issue. There is a great energy to the art that perfectly captures its tone and elevates it.

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    Shoulda gone full Super Saiyan. The fight between Emily and Doyle is epic and very entertaining. But I kept waiting for the battle to just explode into Super Saiyan awesomeness. Like, when Voodoo touches base with Hoggoth about helping, and the giant tiger god spirit says he’s game, I kept hoping he’d show up and turn Doyle into his champion or something, and then Doyle and Emily would have this epic, blazing battle. What we got was still pretty fun, and made sense narratively speaking, but I guess I let my imagination get the better of me. Doyle had some great moments, our villain was properly vanquished, and a lot of characters had a moment or two to shine. I really hope Young and Ramos have a chance to continue with these characters somewhere down the line, and hopefully not just in Strange Arena where they all get killed.

    I will also express my disappointment that Emily’s parents weren’t real and it was just Zelda trying to trick her. Why couldn’t they show up? I Googled Emily Bright and it doesn’t say her parents are dead. I may have forgotten if they were killed. But having her parents show up was a great twist! Ah well. Like I said, the issue we did get was more than exciting and a really good finale to this chapter of Strange Academy. It’s a big, awesome fight that does a lot with our favorite characters, and leaves things in a nice place for the whole enterprise to keep going. I very much enjoyed this series, in both of its parts. It did right by its characters and came to a fitting, entertaining end.

    Strange Academy: Finals ends with an epic showdown of a battle, just the way it was meant to be. Heroes rise, villains fall and all good things come to an end.

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