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Strange #6

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Someone has stolen pieces of Wong‘s memory!

But he’s going to need them back to stop the Blasphemy Cartel!

It’s up to Wong and Bats to retrace their steps to find the truth!

But could this memory be better off forgotten?

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    The title of the issue is kind of fun. The Big Spell might be a reference to Raymond Chandlers hardboiled detective novel, The Big Sleep. Given that theres a real sense of loss in the story, it could also be a reference to The Big Chill--the 1980s dark comedy about loss. Wongs investigating the death of Dr. Strange, but hes also mourning his loss in his own way. Its not the type of thing often explored in mainstream superhero comics.
  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Jed MacKay continues to craft an interesting story with this series and the focus on Wong for this issue was perfect. I really enjoyed the fact that he has been given an arc as well an opportunity to deal with his own grief. The story takes some great twists and turns as well as offering some great cameos and a cliffhanger that is engaging. The Art: Garbett offers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. The action is fantastic and I love the dark, film noir style of the art and how it complements the detective noir tone of the story.
  • 90


    ‘Strange' takes a semi-detour placing Wong in the spotlight, showcasing just what makes the character so wonderful and how he fits into the Marvel Universe while still moving the overall series plot forward in significant ways. Everything about this series is a winning formula that takes us deep into the magical side of the universe, with gorgeous dark yet bright visuals, and a powerful character-focused emotional throughline that keeps one hooked month after month.
  • 84

    The Fandom Post

    With Clea nowhere to be found in this issue outside of a reference or two, Stange puts its weight on Wong and he's naturally quite up to the task. His role is explored at first and then it shifts to him dealing with moving through the intersections of magic and engaging with people to try and understand what's going on. A touch of action gives us a distraction but the real meat of the book is in its time dealing with Jean Grey – the first time I've read hear in anything in years – and then the big reveal at the end which I wish was given more time here instead of the pointless action earlier. A solid book all around but one that could have been paced better and fleshed out more.
  • 80

    Jed MacKay pens what is perhaps the best issue of this new series, an entirely Wong-focused adventure, giving the reader unique context and insight into the character that largely lives on the margins of Doctor Strange tales. Artist Lee Garbett and colorist Java Tartaglia get to largely play the hits as far as Marvel characters and magic is concerned, delivering a noir tale with magic unlike anything else being published by the House of Ideas right now. There are unfortunately some instances of wonky anatomy throughout that aren't supposed to be magically altered that make for hilarious double-takes, the only downside for the entire issue.
  • 60

    Impulse Gamer

    This was an interesting one as Wong does not often get to be front and centre in these stories and he does not even use magic in this one that much and relies on his martial arts training to take down the gang that tries to take him on who were “hopped up on pixie dust”. Another story that relies on you knowing what has happened before to get the most enjoyment out of it. There are a bunch of intersecting storylines at this point so you must either be prepared to read them all or not really know what is going on most of the time. I am looking forward to the inevitable Wong and Madisynn one-shot after the popularity of those two characters together in the She-Hulk Disney plus streaming show. As for this one I would get this if you are a fan of the character or have been following the storyline up to this point.

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